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Maximillian White // “BLANCO

Introducing Maximillian White, a lovely, humble and easy-going entrepreneur – who also happens to be the owner of Blanco Beach Club, which just recently launched in Algarve, Portugal this summer’17 and is still headlining with big industry artists such as Tyga, Roger Sanchez, French Montana, Tory Lanes, and many more amazing artists!

What doesn’t he do?

Before my interview, I was aware of this lovely Beach Club that was launching and although I could not make the launch I was informed about its beautiful scenery and amazing diversity of music performers and could not wait to share and write about this exciting venue!

| B L A N C O | B E A C H | C L U B |

As you approach the lovely sandy beaches of Portugal, next to the beautifully clear and vibrant waves of the Mediterranean coastline, your scenery is complete once you are onlooking  the newly built Blanco Beach Club in Algarve, Portugal.

“I know what i’m doing, and I’m going to create something very special.” -M.

Just recently opening in July 2017, Blanco Beach Club has already provided its luxury services to holiday goers and with its many celebrity-hosted parties, it will be in no doubt that similar jet-setters will use this hotspot as a haven paradise in the heart of the beautiful country.

With its perfect beach beds that you would have once fought over in a beach, and a 5-star Mediterranean fusion restaurant within its premises (offering a spoilt selection of fresh seafood and sushi) and an open air nightclub to really enjoy the fusion of summer heat and coastline breeze – I know for a fact that it will be a popping destination.

Open until late each night, Blanco Beach will host some of the biggest music stars and DJ’s in the entertainment industry, as mentioned above – and will act as a top summer destination, similar to that of Ocean Beach Club Ibiza and many of its type.

“I think persistence conquers resistance!” – M.

The experience in Blanco Beach Club is one driven by an entertainment focused concept which fuses European beach club culture and luxury lifestyle. Inspired by the white seamless beachfront, the brand name and logo was derived from the love of white sandy beaches and white tigers – and as I later discovered conversing with Maximillian, his last name “White” – translating to “Blanco”.

“The design of Blanco Beach Club was inspired by organic European living, nature and the panoramic ocean view, design details include reclaimed wood and natural fabrics. Feature pieces include private jacuzzis, fire pits, a 20-meter pool, and custom designed cabanas.”

With multiple bespoke bars, VIP cabanas with private Jacuzzis, a 20 meter pool (yes please), ensuring the space is polished and cohesive. The venue unrivalled to any on-water location, and hospitality landscape, opening up the coastal destination spot to both local and international guests – great for an increased drive into Portugal as well. But the main focus remains to provide excellent hospitality and world class VIP treatment from their 60+ highly trained staff to provide an unforgettable holiday experience.

| G E T | T O | K N O W | H I M |

E: So I wanted to start off by learning a little more about you – of course apart from what I’ve read, in terms of your background or what you would say that inspired you as a child up until this point?

A warm and friendly voice always helps and Max was certainly not lacking there.

M: Where to start! I was brought up in a private school, used to the sing in the choir –

E:  – really!

M: yes, my father was half-English and half-Jamaican, he used to play rugby for England, and a very successful night club owner. And my mother was a beauty queen. But in the 90s there was a recession and my father almost lost everything – so I went from being at a private school to a normal school.

E: That sounds familiar…

M: Yes, but I’ve always been very musical, I went to a music school and we were a musical family. But after that with my father I didn’t really go back to school after that, I didn’t really want to go to school. So I just followed his business which was restaurants and hotels and things like that that he used to do.

E: I’ve been told about your many acquired properties across Europe and  your works within the music industry, so how did this interest come about?

M: Well at 17 years old I applied for a licence for my own bar and I got given it on the grounds of my experience, and at the time I was the youngest landlord in England.

E: 17!

A bit of history

M: But then I felt like a change of scenery, so I went to Spain, Mallorca where I used to DJ and do marketing management and run establishments such as BCM.

E: I heard about your great productions so when you now told me about your past interest in music that hasn’t really surprised me. How exactly did you come about into the Music Industry?

M: When I was previously Dj-ing and what I found was that a lot of people and places were playing the same music everywhere. So I started creating my own house beats and dance tunes and everything – from there, there was this massive buzz, and everyone kept asking where did I get the tunes from and I said I produced them myself! And so then somebody hired me. After that we continued producing a lot of tunes and we were almost the pioneers to the funky house scene!

E: Thank God for you!

M: And then there was the transition between the Vinyls and the CDs – and a friend of mine had this thing called Bebop which people could download music on, and people and Djs made accounts and paid for them and that’s how that company got established. And years after that we made a company called EMC which was a software company – the same thing almost – an online music downloading software. But then when it was time for it to be sold to Apple, I got offered a small percentage of the company to work for them. But after they sold it. And after that it’s just been the clubs and hospitality for me, I don’t really need the money but its just something I enjoy! It’s all about the best artists, the best music, the best ambience, company, experience all inside a night or a beach club. That’s my forte.

E: Do you think your experience as a young landlord and all those struggles influenced you to be able to juggle all of these things now?

M: The experiences and everything of course helped – but that kind of thing is my backroom, how to make a profit out of it was the initial, not just something that I enjoy. Enjoyment was a bonus.

E: How about risk? How would you combat risk? I would feel like no matter what you do there’s always an element of risk.

M: I think persistence conquers resistance! And I think if you believe in what you’re doing and you put your all in – I’ve never been  risk taker but I am good at working with numbers and I know what I have to do to be successful. And obviously there is a risk element to everything you do as of every business, but with my experience of hospitality throughout I have been able to minimise that risk. My music expertise and my knowledge as I have travelled all over the world, and I know special people. And those who appreciate special people are going to come to the venue.

E: So where was the inspiration for the name from? Blanco Beach Club.

M: Blanco is my family name – it was my mother’s name, “Blanca”. It has a bit of a story behind it,  but we’ll leave that for another day!

E: Portugal is such a beautiful place, one of my closest friends lives there and I love it. But I would ask why you chose this place?

M: People keep asking me, why did you pick Portugal? Why not Ibiza or Marbella or the South of France or where I live – but the thing is I don’t want to compete with people. What we’re doing in Portugal – there’s none like it – I don’t like to follow fashion, I like to set trends.

E: I’ve never heard of any beach-type resort in Portugal – so you’re right ton that. In Ibiza it is so concentrated, I just came from one.

M: If you’re going to Ibiza you’re looking to share trade or steal customers from another place. It’s not really how I like to do business. I wanted to set something up in Portugal and set that trend there. The tourism is booming, it’s going up 50-60% percent every single year. And I’d like to grow with the country, and stabilise so that by the time it grows to be the beautiful country that it is,  i’ll be there up with it. Just recently as well, within our record label defenders, we had a song that has hit a world record in downloads which is One dance. It’s one of the most downloaded songs of all time!

E: I love that song!

M: That was the song that was produced in my record label, and remixed for drake’s big tune One Dance. So following this success I think that I can bring something very unique with Blanco.

E: If there was one thing that helped you in that success in terms of the record label, what would that be?

M: I know what i’m doing, and I’m going to create something very special.

E: I love that confidence!

It was lovely to talk to him about all his achievements and future aspirations and how determined he was to continue to break boundaries in not only the music industry, but with business and social related ideas. Blanco Beach is undoubtedly a rising success and I am in awe and continue to look forward to many more projects that he has under his sleeves!

“I don’t like to follow fashion, I like to set trends.” – M.

Entry to the venue is usually exclusive,  but can also be purchased via many platforms such as Resident Advisor and more!

For more press enquires, contact JPR Media Group

Didn’t get enough? Read more about Max on City Wealth Magazine !

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Praia da Rocha, Portimao!

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