| T H I S | I S | L O V E |

| T H I S | I S | H O M E |

Lasgidi baby.

Love you, Mama <3
Love you, Mama ❤

So I’m going to take you somewhere,

Devastating from the usual theme of F | M | B I am  taking you to Lagos, Nigeria; to home. To humid air, happy faces – even though life may not be all that great – but there’s that determination in the air, amazing food, culture that takes you centuries back, and laughter than fills you.

This is a home.

And home comes in 2 forms. So you have this,

You have Nigerians in helpless situations, detrimental environments – but their souls so clean and their spirits so high. And you think why? Why are some Nigerians in this situation? ” They ” are surprised when they see us excel – infrastructurally, economically and in any other influential field. Because they are the ones that pushed us down under them. They want to see us improve, but not over them, as they fear we will overtake them – and then treat them just the same.

And then you have this home,

Intercontinental, Lagos

You have the lavish, the extravagant, the enjoyment, the great, greater and greatest. But where is the in-between? Where is the balance between being so low and so high? Of course there are problems in every nation but we seem to compound things upon us that could be so simply solved. Easier said than done, but we need to start thinking together, and being together – thinking towards the future at least.

The old men who have lived here stare at us, 
from deep disturbed eyes, sulking, retreated. 
We pass them as they stand around idle, 
leaning on shovels and rakes or against walls. 
Our expectations are high: in the old world, 
We came here to get away from false promises, 
from dictators in our neighborhoods, 
who wore blue suits and broke our doors down 
when they wanted, arrested us when they felt like, 
swinging clubs and shooting guns as they pleased. 
But it’s no different here. It’s all concentrated. 
The doctors don’t care, our bodies decay, 
our minds deteriorate, we learn nothing of value. 
Our lives don’t get better, we go down quick. 

This is family.

Never take loved ones for granted ❤

Yes I was born here, but you ask me where I am from. And I say Nigeria. Despite everything, Proudly.

And that is Love.




T H I S | I S | M Y | B E A U T I F U L |

| F | M | B |

Eni Maj

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