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When you need somebody to talk to, I’m here.

You know that right?

Finally venturing into 35th floor of the Heron building, in Sushi Samba (thanks to Jaye) thanks to Jaye I was finally able to experience the views that I was always curious about. It was kind of a mixture between the shard’s height and the distance of ViewsLDN.

JayeWe had previously met on set, in the beautiful Burberry House prior to the launch of Joshua Kane’s new collection at his Flagship Store (68 Great Portland Street) in which Jaye is the brand ambassador – of course. And we instantly clicked (not just because of his trap music playlist) because we had this similar understanding of an international perspective. And it might sound dramatic, but did hip hop and trap, it saved his life, and it saved mine too – and if you get that you get that.

It made him come out of his shell, and helped him to become the success he is today – and I get that. Because besides the constant use of swear words and derogatory sexist themes, hip hop actually gives you an understanding of the struggle. And I guess this struggle is what makes him so sensitive to musical empowerment, and this is what stemmed the What The Funk charity. I got a taste of this kindness at the Albert’s private members club in Kensington on January 10th when Jaye treated us with amazing food, all in the name of Youth Music.

Jaye  is not only social influencers and a kind spirit, but he was also once in a musical band called “What the Funk” and owns The Music Parlour, a music studio and amazing venue in Singapore.

So let’s throw it back.

Then we ventured outside reluctantly, still in awe of the beautiful house – to take in the views of London that Jaye would surprisingly be seeing for the first time.

Despite the rain and the chills, it was great to be able to go through London, and experience those unavoidable stares whenever you are taking part in an outdoors shoot. As well as becoming a local tourist drop-off point for selfies and curiosity – but I know that Jaye loved this! And being a musician or a social influencer it’s one of those things that you have to grow to love, or pretend to anyways.

An evening with Jaye // Jaye Funk Foo

With his initial arrival into London he came into contact with JPR, and just a few days after that – out initial contact. But ever since then it’s been hard to keep up as he has been travelling up and down Europe! I asked him why it was the case and how he was able to have such a strong connection with people that he had only met a couple of times.

“I like connecting with a lot of new people because it’s great. To be able to just meet new people and learn about their story and connect with old friends is really nice. You don’t want everything to be just about yourself.” – J.

Connecting with people. It’s important – you can know someone for years without truly knowing them. That’s what I learned from Jaye, that he is able to make deep connections in a short amount of time. And we did. Being the emotional wreck that I am, I could really relate. As I do not often talk about myself either, so it was nice to bring that out of him.

Similarly to most creatives, Jaye’s emotional life has been full of ups and downs.

“Being a creative, you tend to latch onto things easily. Especially the music. But that makes me a big faller. I can get hooked on something and really believe in it.” – J.

With a combination of his love life and a growing socialite he has learned more about himself. It was like out of a movie when he described himself running down the road just to talk to a girl that he instantly connected with. And it wasn’t the usually flesh-related connection, “It was just her style. The way she was. The way she walked” – and you realise that when someone thinks out of the box or notices a deeper level of attraction you instantly notice that it’s a blessing.

It’s not lame or less manly for a man to be in touch with his emotional side, and to be able to really express. But a lot of men – a lot of social influencing men too – get this wrong. When you think about male artists, from Justin bieber to Usher to Jaye, what makes these girl go crazy isn’t necessarily how they look or what they are wearing. It’s the voice. It’s the ability to relate to the lyrics because they can talk about themselves in a way that most men cannot even resonate with. They gag at the thought of saying ‘I love you’ or trying to make an attempt to show love.

But Jaye expresses himself in such a relatable way, and I don’t know if it is because I am female, but it’s a fighting way.

He’s a fighter – And there’s absolutely noting wrong with that.

Do you like food?

*takes another bite of sushi* – J.

So yes, we are both in love with sushi and decided that if things don’t work out in the love department in the future, we would marry sushi. We’re resilient like that.

“Even though at current I am not so involved with my musical band, I am still really passionate for music. And I want to help other kids, other people to realise their talent. Bring it out of them or trigger it. You know, Like how hip hop triggered mine.” – J.

Such a gentleman and an inspiration.

And of course, his style is unbeatable, something that is not conventional can be seen as different at times but Jaye has a way of taking style to another level, as captured by getty images and more:

Embed from Getty Images

The dream? Well that’s for me to see and you to find out.

I still don’t understand the Jaye “Funk” bit but we’ll leave that for another day!

A big thank you, JPR the girls and Ben Moore Photography for making this happen.

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