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| B L A C K | U P | P A R I S |

Thank God For Contour
Thank God For Contour ❤ Special Thanks to Mathilde

Always complaining how there is a LIMITED RANGE in foundation tones and applications for coloured skin? Or the ASHY LOOK because they can’t find the right colour match?

Problem solved!

B L A C K  U P is a make up company founded in Paris ( obviously ) and is the premium brand for black and mixed race skins, offers makeup totally adapted to dark and golden brown skin tones : foundation, powder, blush, eyeshadows, pencils, eyeliners and mascaras, lipsticks, nail lacquers, a customised response to black and mixed skin beauties needs : makeup remover, exfoliating cream, face moisturizer, matifying fluid, anti dark spot serums, the complete range to cleanse, even out complexion, matify and moisturise with velvet textures, intense pigments, captivating coloursyou name it!

The brand provides advice and tips to choose the correct foundation and the shades that best suit your skin as well!

I remember being in Nigeria few years back (6 to be specific) and walking past a few shops in one of Lagos’ most popular shopping centres. And right past Mac was a newly opened store called Black Up. Apart from the obvious use of the word ‘black’ in their brand I was still intrigued to find out more. As I walked in I noticed an array of different shades of chestnuts, earths, pine, reds, you name it!
So I am surprised they aren’t filling up the high streets and platforms such as Selfridges – but I can imagine they soon will be, because they are amazing and quality “from H to T” or Forehead to Chin more like.

Above I wear it, also featuring the amazingness of Smile Sciences!

It isn’t just the typical 2 options light skin and dark skin ( and maybe an in-between ) that I am still shocked to see in many high-end makeup brands when it comes to supplying makeup – foundation tones to be more specific – for coloured women.

Black Up’s range is immense, including a “tone-calculator” that actually identifies not only with the SHADE of your colour, the UNDERTONE ( and if you haven’t figured that out yet there is a section on the website that allows you to do so ) and the INTENSITY of the colour – before then going onto the type of APPLICATION ( liquid or powder ) and then the FINISH ( matt or radiant ).

What's your shade?
What’s your shade?

| M A T C H ? |

They have more than just that, from primers to fragrances and more! :

|  S H O P  P R I M E R ? |  |  S H O P  F R A G R A N C E ? |  |  S H O P  L I P S T I C K S ? |  |  S H O P  C O N T O U R ? |


I was so happy to receive my contour kit, as well as my complimentary lipstick and liner:


| G E T | M Y | L O O K |

1. Lipstick

This intense purple colour comes with exceptional coverage, no having to refill after talking for 5 seconds like most lipsticks these days. it has a satin finish while feeling very light and comfortable on the lips.

2. Contour stick

Dual-ended countering stick, essential to sculpt and shape facial features. dark and light shades have been matched up to easily provide a great result – and I agree on this!

Applied onto of my base foundation, with lighter shades going on the tip of my nose, below the eye and on my chin; and the darker shades on the sides of my nose, on my temples, cheek curvature and cheekbones.

3. Blusher

Pure and intense colour blush builds soft and natural shine to my cheeks for a bright and sophisticated look. Here i have it in a pearly finish,  but it is also available in matte online.


4. Lip Liner

Its 2 in one! What more can you ask for! The pencil-sharpener is provided on the top of the liner’s cover, and it glides on the lips to define contours and help with lipstick precision. It adds to the sheen finish that I love as well as having semi-matte qualities.

5. Beauty Blender

The ultimate pro tool to get a subtle air brush contouring finish. One great tip I learned from the beautiful J A Y D E  P I E R C E ( B E A U T Y | O F | M Y | W E E K ) is to dampen the sponge with water and squeeze out before using it to blend those fleeky contours in. This avoids it sucking up most of the product and giving more of a subtle finish. Apply using a tapping motion too (rubbing it completely destroys the finish).

And my lashes are – obviouslyArdell.


| W U N D E R B R O W |

“Eni..why were you late?” *shows eyebrows*

To add to all the amazingness I was lucky enough to come across the life-saving W U N D E R B R O W – given to me by the beautiful Actress and Model Dayana, who not only works along-side Wunderbrow ( F O L L O W | T H E M ) but also showed me a new perspective into her beauty secrets.


| S E E | T H E | K I T |

It’s a one-step solution to eyebrow fleekiness! 


I find that it is perfect for me – as I am not the type to like perfectly squared off eyebrows that look like pieces of tape on your face. I prefer a more natural finish – as well as the fact that it aids the growth of your natural lash – allowing a long lasting effect to the health of your eyebrows. It sounds weird, but it is definitely something you should think about, considering your eyebrows shape a lot of aspects when it comes to our faces and beauty. It”s formula contains an exclusive blend of hair-like fibers, combined with specially treated pigments designed to fasten onto skin and hair. Its Hair Fiber Complex is then infused into a Permafix Gel that creates a flexible matrix, locking the natural color and fibers onto your brows. There are 4 different shades to match!


And here are more reasons why you should shop them:

  • First of it’s Kind – Ultra Long Wear Permafix Gel Technology
  • Remarkable Staying Power – Transfer Proof, Water Proof & Budge Proof
  • One Easy Step to Fill, Define and Create Natural Looking Brows
  • Brow Fiber Complex Technology adds Dimension for Natural Look
  • Comfortably Sets Hairs in Place
  • Anti-Aging – Covers Grey Hairs


| S H O P | W U N D E R B R O W |

Now, back to BlackUp…

Although originally a Parisian brand, they ship worldwide – and fast. And I know that I have been stressing on how useful they are for women of colour. But their products range from the simplest and most effective beauty blenders, to brushes, a range of toners and blushers, as well as eye kits and more. So even if you lack the melanin, you can still be sure to find and enjoy the benefits of many of their high quality products and make up accessories!

But as for my MelaninOnFleeks, you know what to do!

| S H O P | T H E M |

| F O L L O W | T H E M |

| I N S T A G R A M |    | F A C E B O O K |

Sorry for those who lack melanin, if this post didn’t do much for you – check out my previous post about the perfect…

| A R D E L L | L A S H E S |


Wearing BlackUp in the Studio with G ❤





T H I S | I S | M Y | B E A U T I F U L |

| F | M | B |


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