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“It’s all fun and games until your jeans don’t fit.” 



Oh…God…that moment.

That. Moment.

That awkward moment when they pull out the tape measure and reach for your hips, and its one of the only times that you start to wish away those African genes. But you need those many awkward moments, to realise that everyone isn’t the same, and not everyone is going to have a cardboard-shaped backside to ‘hang’ clothes off.

Growing up, I had always been on the slim side and before I entered the world of modelling I thought that was it. I thought it would be enough just to be tall and a size 6/8. But when you’re being compared to a thousand other size 6/8 (and 4 and minus) girls, those size requirements become much more disciplined, especially for fashion week and showrooms.
You might be a size 6 or 8 by label, but if you don’t hit the bust-waist-hip ratio of maximum 34”-25”-35” then its highly unlikely you will be booking a lot of the higher end fashion week shows, something that I have learned that came as surprise to me. So if you are aspiring to become a runway model bear in mind that every inch counts before you can even get through the casting doors.

Girl, you so big that you just be taking up all the space! Why though!
Girl, you so big that you just be taking up all the space! Why though!

So yes – size matters. In the modelling industry that is, but there’s a beauty behind every size. And modelling doesn’t just start and end on the runway. There are commercial gigs which need girls and guys to actually fill out the clothes and present them to a more ‘natural’ audience. And if you are absolutely mesmerising, no one is really going to care about those inches, because true beauty has a way of disguising those oh-so-non-perfections, and blossoms out in a form of attraction that defies all norms.

Accept yourself, and mould around whatever gives you pleasure. That will lead you to your treasures!

Speaking of moulding check out a useful addition to my exercise routines by reading | W A I S T | T R A I N ? |










Oh, and …

Special thanks to my as of today 1000+ blog followers! It’s only been a few days so I am so grateful for the support!

Love you all xxx

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