| T H E | B E A U T Y |

| P U B L I C A T I O N | S E R I E S |

“I Love it when you Cut That Crease.”

That is all she cared about, “Gotta make that perfect Cut crease!” And when I say she I am referring to the beautiful and talented Makeba Hudson – one of the first MUAs that I ever worked with – and trusted.


To actually use things on my face that I had never heard of before. And I have super sensitive skin – so I usually tend to stay away from anything “newish” that MUAs want to try on me – and if they do I have my papaya soap and scrub in my bag waiting to wash it all of as soon as It’s A Wrap.

Anyways at that point in time ( almost a year and a half today, to be exact ) Makeba had just started on her endeavours on becoming a professional MUA. And I must say she has definitely come a long way now with amazing work springing up all the time. And she had really wanted to perfect the cut crease – that is an eccentric and beautiful eye-shadow block colour technique, and when done perfectly, as seen below by the beautiful Makeba.


Want to slay a cut crease? | W A T C H | T H I S |

And behind every slaying picture is always an amazing photographer. And in this case, Lennox George – who welcomed me into his lovely cute studio set-up located within a church in South London. He was extremely friendly and we had our own personal heating and organ playing from the church hall below to keep us going through. We weren’t really sure what the outcome of the shoot was going to be – but sometimes thats the beauty of it – when you’re creating something, beautiful.

And sometimes all it takes is a slaying cut crease, gold-stained lips, a black wall and Eni Maj ❤

| S E E | L E N N O X |


It was great to be able to reunite a whole year later and produce the same great effect that Lennox seems to always be able to do, this time with trusted MUA Anna and a camera that wasn’t just as still. Working with Mojo Kojo and LashesByChido we were able to create something beautiful.

Shop | M O J O | K O J O |

It seems like that day out in the sun wearing Mojo Kojo’s selassies was so long ago, but again there I was in more Mojo (getting my Mojo on – lol) this time in both Tiki and One Dance Cami.

lashes by chidoTo say the least? Discovering LashesByChido, effortlessly bouncy and so flexible you forget that it’s on – really improved things for me.

It’s weird to think of the notion of taking “your own” lashes onto set but sometimes if the MUA is not fussy you can, plus it saves them the hassle of having to collect them from you afterwards.

Andddddd also the heartache-free dilemma when she opens a box of hard stumpy horse-hair looking lashes.

Want to try some other Eyelashes? Shop | A R D E L L | and top it up with a beautiful Skin Care Regime. And for a smooth finish, shop | B L A C K | U P |

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#Publication Series


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Eni Maj

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