| F I O R E | F E S T I V I T Y |

| DO | I T | W I T H | F I O R E |

Feeling Festive with Fiore

If you read my previous post about Fiore tights you will know just how much I love doing almost everything with them.

Whether it’s work or play they do just the trick, and last time it was work work work – in the midst of all the University stress and PR work, but now it’s Christmas and it’s time to relax ( for once ) and to enjoy the little things, such as my wonderful pairs below.

Above I am wearing TAYA Black in a size 4, with Charlie who is wearing OLGA Black in a size 5 ( size chart ).

| G E T | T A Y A |                                                                                                                       | G E T | O L G A |

“And I know that some of you may be drained after all that Christmas/Boxing Day Shopping and New Years plans – but Fiore is extremely affordable for its quality in my opinion, so there is no excuse!”

But after we’ve had time to play we relax and unwind with Fiore, again, with my festive CLEMIS Black tights in a size 4 as seen below.

| G E T | C L E M I S |

My perfect ” have-to-have starter kit ” for this season is my Fiore, my Earlymy phone – of course – and my scent-of-the-season Langley Woman by Ted Baker:

| S M E L L | L I K E | M E |


And of course, don’t forget the bright festive nails in either red or green ( I wonder why ). It’s all down to the tiny details, with Rimmel London Salon Pro by Kate Collection:

| G E T | T H E | L O N D O N | L O O K |

Like my nails? Read | A R E | T H O S E | R E A L | and get the same result yourself. For natural growth and length read | P E R F E C T I L |

Like my Pouch? Read about | E A R L Y |

Dear reader, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Beautiful New Year filled with everything you desire and more to come! But for now, don’t forget…


| S H O P | F I O R E |

F O L L O W | F I O R E |

Special Thanks to Fiore for keeping me warm this winter.




T H I S | I S | M Y | B E A U T I F U L |

| F | M | B |

Eni Maj

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