| E A R L Y |

| T H I S | I S | E A R L Y |

Feeling Festive With Early

That EARLY Feeling
That EARLY Feeling
E A R L Y is a collective brand consisting of beautifully hand-made leather accessories that embrace ecological and ethical awareness.  They represent the love for beautiful design and handcrafted accessories by fusing crisp design with vintage which and a modern demand of high quality manufacturing of the natural material.

| S H O P | E A R L Y |

And that is definitely something I can vouch for, it is definitely high quality and perfect to the touch. The texture is unlike any other and it is as if I could feel the time and effort that was put into my cute Big Pouch in Black. It is the perfect size for my makeup and toiletries – and I also loved using it as a plain evening bag – and we all know that black ( especially leather ) goes with every outfit.

| S H O P | I T |

I discovered Early as I was browsing through the LVK Models Privileges section, as they are one of the perks of being an LVK Model – being 20% off all of the amazing leather-goodness! And I immediately loved the simplicity yet preciseness of their brand and how it embraced ecological design ( thank God for the Germans ) as a part of their work ethic. And it might sound weird, but it has this distinctive fresh smell that reads “ hey-I’m saving the planet. Why don’t you join me ” in comparison to many other brands that disregard anything to do with world-preservation. And it kind of makes me feel good – and proud. Something to say when someone asks me – where did you get that from.

| F O L L O W | T H E M |

And if you are not an online-lover they also have many stores spread across Europe including Frankfurt, Friedberg, Berlin, Munchen, Hamburg and last but not least London!

Model: Charmie

| S E E | M O R E |

 All pictures were taken by the beautiful Charmie โค

Like the scenery? We took the pictures in a French Restaurant called AUBAINE in Kensington, it’s really cute and the staff there are lovely!


” It’s the Simple Details That Make Life Wonderful “ – Early.

Merry Christmas with Early โค



Merry Christmas from me and BabyG <3
Merry Christmas from me and BabyG <3, with EARLY Big Pouch x

T H I S | I S | M Y | B E A U T I F U L |

| F | M | B |

Eni Maj

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