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_MG_0926 Eni Maj Hastings 290516 by Alexander Ivanov Photography for web

Sometimes, break rules: Forget Netflix and Chill, Fabletics is here.

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 17.49.39_MG_9811 Eni Maj Folkestone 230716 by Alexander Ivanov Photography for web_MG_0037 Eni Maj Folkestone 230716 by Alexander Ivanov Photography for web

Are you all about breaking boundaries, Instagram mirror selfies, cropped belly tops, thigh gaps. contour kits, and all of the above? No? Doesn’t Matter. Either way, Fabletics is the one for you, why? Because it is for every kind of woman and that’s what makes it so special…

“| S K I N N Y | S E C R E T S |”

“Ready for the Beach?’


After the success of White It was more than no surprise that Alex was going to shoot Fabletics as well, and I was lucky enough to be behind the camera in Hastings on such a beautiful day, to shoot for this amazing active wear brand, which dedicates its focus on healthy living.

“They’re actually ‘designer’ fitwear!” – E.

panda…panda, panda, panda !!!

Sitting on the Rocks

See me talk about fabletics in the Demur Magazine Publication: DEMUR MAGAZINE ENI MAJ AUGUST ISSUE

_MG_9857 Eni Maj Folkestone 230716 by Alexander Ivanov Photography for web

Their #ReadyForTheBeach campaign is a special summer package that encourages women to celebrate summer and celebrate themselves! Summer is a time where a lot of women feel extra body conscious and want to lose weight – and this campaign is a way to make sure they do this in a healthy, responsible way instead of opting for crash diets and extreme fitness regimes – and let’s be real that never works. Their #ReadyForTheBeach page is filled with tips on fitness, clean eating and summer beauty:

| G E T | B E A C H | B O D Y | R E A D Y |

 Like the swimwear? | S H O P | I T | Above, in pink I am wearing the FIN bikini set, hot coral colour in XS.

And above, I wear the Maro One-Piece in a Small, Hot Coral Black and White Colour. It feels amazing on the skin and has anti nip-slip padding for those moments on the beach!

Ready. Set? Summer!

“Take It Outside!” – F.

The great thing is that in Fabletics, it feels effortless. Of course you are still sweating, in pain and burning away but the way the fabric is suited to your skin let’s you breathe, but still maintaining a strong outer appearance without ripping or being see-through, and if you watched the advert above you’ll understand why.

That is why It is known to be a designer active wear, there are many colours to choose from, and I even found this the case when I was wearing the swimwear. Sheer and feels great on your skin!

What I also love about Fabletics is their wide variety of clothing options, it’s not just tailored sportswear and bright bikinis- it’s also summer-casuar wear that can be equally tailored to your needs! Like so.

Above I wear the Dash Romper in Rainforest Print Colour, also in a Small!

So, time for some less pampered and luxurious images. Because you can’t really get ready for the beach standing in a bikini, it’s about all that hard work that you pulled through during the winter months and all the cold nights that you still went out to run because you knew your thighs weren’t going to shrink themselves *cries*

Above in red, I am wearing the Trophy 2 Piece Outfit, both top and bottoms in a Small. The great thing about this selection is that is is especially tailored – you can choose your colour selection for both and separate sizing for both. I am wearing the Carrie Shorts in Global Print colour and the Ciara Sports Bra in Multi colour.

And in blue I am wearing the Fabletics Olympus Tank, and Venus leggings (see below)

What I find is that as I run I love to be able to keep up to date on what I am actually burning and how it is being burned. A few months back I took part in the production of a commercial for FitBit (the celebrity ‘stepathon’ if you happened to come across it), which unfortunately I couldn’t write about so much as I wasn’t allowed much content due to copyrighting etc. Anyways, I was lucky enough to receive a free and brand new FitBit watch, which I have used every single time that I have #TakenItOutside not had off my wrist.

fitbit fitbit 2

It tells you how many calories you’ve burned, how many steps you’ve taken, your activity whilst you sleep, the time – and if that wasn’t enough you can even sync it with the app/online on your computer and keep a record of all your activities!

| V E N U S | C O W |

_MG_9974 Eni Maj Hastings 290516 by Alexander Ivanov Photography for web

Take in that sun girl…

Remember Venus Cow? how can we forger? All this talk about good quality active wear could only lead me to one place! Back to Venus where the fitness regime all started, and honestly and truly one could never forget. It was coincidental (or not) that I wore the Venus Cow leggings to the actual Fabletics shoot because they are just so comfortable! We took a few shots in them too, mind that the top half is actually Fabletics B. Shop it from Fabletics here.

I wanted to reiterate how you can also wear Venus Casually, out and about, without any effort! Keeps you warm, and again – very important – lets you breathe.

And mostly I love when my fellow friends and models are keeping fit and also pursuing their ways up into long lasting health. After speaking to Russel from the SkinnyBitchCollective it was amazing how the things that I thought I was doing right (in terms of my diet and lifestyle) were actually all upside down. Like how having high carbs for breakfast (we are so used to being told that porridge, cereal, breads, croissants and all these high-carb foods are best taken during breakfast hours) actually does the reverse for you in terms of weight loss,  because it tricks your body into thinking it has enough already at the start – thus storing more fat throughout the rest of the day. Anyways, you can read more about diet and fitness on my skinny posts

One of those amazing friends being Tyla – who brought out an amazing and innovative fitness video out of self-passion and dedication of keeping fit and showing a different type of image in modelling.

| J U S T | W A T C H |

In her own words:

My first Fitness Fashion trailer is finally here!  I directed it myself, and to see something you have created in your mind’s eye come into reality is really something.  Of course, I couldn’t have done it without the amazing filming and editing talents of Jamal Anthony .  He clearly saw and understood my vision and was so easy to work with.

The entire shoot was filmed in an abandoned, rat-invested, grafitti riddled warehouse that I came across.  Exactly what I’d visualised and found what I was after… So I put a team together: Jean-Christophe Hermier, Promise Bakare, Jamal Anthony, @makeupbyevelynn Emeka Okakpu…  They worked flat out with me for 10 hours straight without eating !.. sorry guys lol !  My brother who is a music producer Jase Brown, created the vital beat, finished off the Trailer.

My dance background and modelling career has been pivotal to branching out into the fitness world, and for me its been a natural and almost obvious progression into the Industry.  Being physically fit and nutritionally healthy has its benefits not only internally, but externally too.  I love the way I feel after working out, and how strong and fit I’ve become.  Its not about losing weight – it took me a little time to realise, but your best weight is whatever weight you reach when you’re living your healthiest and actually enjoy ‘living’ in the body you have.  Of course there will always be room for improvement, I could write a book about my past insecurities about myself and my body , my goal back then, was to loose weight and gain it in the right  places so I would be best selected for castings, agencies or for photo shoots. That changed for my best, as I began to see that it is more important for me to remain healthy, strong. My advice to anyone who has a passion or a goal [in or out of the gym],is to realise your worth and work on self love…. Your actions/your body language, your choices, your friendship groups are all a reflection of how you view or believe in yourself, and if you’re confident, the world will want what you’ve got! – aka, believe in your grind and the rest of the world will too!

Models are known to be lean and skinny but there’s all types of skinny, and who is to say being slim means you are fit? Getting to understand your body is the best way to show this.

More amazing things to come! But until then. Please keep fit. The NHS is struggling.

For the wild hearts. 

_MG_0935 Eni Maj Hastings 290516 by Alexander Ivanov Photography for web

Like fitness? You would love |W A I S T | T R A I N | or need some motivation? How about | E X C E R C I S E | O R | E X T R A | F R I E S | or take a chance with | S I Z E | M A T T E R S ? |

Demur Magazine Column Eni Maj_web

Just being freaky ❤

_MG_0071 Eni Maj Folkestone 230716 by Alexander Ivanov Photography for web

Keep shopping!






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Eni Maj

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