| A L L | G I R L S ? |

| T H E | S C H O O L | O N T O P | O F | T H E | C L I F F |

ROEDEAN is a private, Independent girls boarding school that I attended for 7 years ( 2006 – 2013 ) located on the eastern edge of Brighton, overlooking the marina.

Oh, yes, and thanks for making it look so incredibly beautiful after I had left.

That’s right, from the age of 10 till 17 I was living with females on top of a cliff. It was much better than it sounds. In fact it was the most care-free times of my life – which in some ways made it one of the best times in that sense. Even though I much prefer my independence and life right now, it was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Those 7 years included being privileged enough to indulge in all sorts of activities, including drama and dance – which I loved – Sports, including tennis, cricket, netball, swimming and more.
And I did all of these great things and accomplishments around girls.


We played sports with girls, acted with girls, danced with girls. So when I heard they wanted to consider bringing boys into the equation. I wasn’t exactly jumping for joy.
And why? It takes the fun out of it. Roedean with boys would just be any other typical boarding school.
I mean we won’t event be able to call it Hoedean anymore ?!
We are Diamonds.
And to be frank, financially speaking it might be an advantage for the school because it may open doors to a wider market of clients. But in the long-term I really don’t see it being the best way forward. Majority of the schools profit, I am assuming; is made from the boarding students ( such as I was ) who paid roughly £34,000 a year. That’s a whole £238,000 if they stay from year 6 up until sixth form.
Which parent is going to want to spend that much and send their child overseas at 10 years old, when s/he knows there are some thirsty adolescent boys lurking around their dorms.
And let’s be real, ( if you know you know ) no matter how strict or controlling a boarding environment could be, kids always find ways around it if they want to.party girls Think about some of the shenanigans that you’ve heard about that go on in a boarding school. Now imagine all of that, but with boys in the equation – and multiply that by 100. Yeah. That’s what I think the outcome will be.
And a reduction in boarding students would mean a reduction in the overall ‘snowball effect‘ of clientele in the school ( i.e. a parent who sends their daughter to Roedean would be likely to consider also sending their younger daughter  further down the line ). And let’s be frank, they would probably go for other female boarding schools such as Cheltenham Ladies instead of having to worry about this.
Apart from the literal facts, there are historical implementations. The whole ethos of Roedean is surrounded around the fact that it is an all girls school. There will be no more of “The ladies on the hill” and what about our St.Trinians features? *sigh*
Change is inevitable. We all know that. But some things should just stay the same. So Roedean, keep making those annoying changes that I used to hate when I was there. The annoying fact that the school uniform would change about 3 times every academic year and the tutors would chase us up if we hadn’t changed along with it. Or the constant changing of house names, tutors, boarding rules – all of that. Those changes were annoying, but they were acceptable.
But boys? Nah.
Just, No.

After seeing this article being shared on the Old Roedenian’s Facebook Page, Just by going through the comments I could see how passionate people were about the school maintaining its heritage.

It is clear by many people’s responses how much this would cause a stir in the Old Roedeanian community, and could backfire tremendously.


Then again, we could just be overreacting and it might end up being even better than ever…


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Eni Maj

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