| B A R C A | Pt. 2 |

| F O O D | V E N U E S | I N | B A R C E L O N A |

I wouldn’t consider this as part of my food series…but be prepared to see some really nice food!


Let’s go back to H10 Barcelona, in which I would like to reiterate, because if you read | B A R C A | Pt. 1 | you already know how much I loved the hotel!

“And this is where the calorie count goes down the drain”

tumblr_inline_nuqk2cVaNK1t507a3_500Because 5 minutes away from H10, we were in the gulf Marina of Barcelona – Bogatell. Which didn’t only have a beautiful beach – but was filled with rows upon rows of different restaurants. I mean even when we were full it was hard to resist having something for the sake of it.

Even though we knew that we were going to see agencies the following days it was so hard to resist the devil.


*Note To Self: When avoiding carbs, avoid Barcelona. Avoid paris. Avoid any form of life.*

Let’s start with the venues closest to the Marina:

| M A R I N A | B A Y | by | M O N C H O S |


We wanted SONY DSCto start with food that was more local to the country, and that actually had some form of Spanish cuisine rather than sushi which is something that I always seem to crave whenever I travel. Anywhere. Even Nigeria lol


| G E L A T O S |

Now time for desert!


| K I K U | J A P O N E S |

Finally, sushi!



Some others that we picked up on the way but never really settled in the actual restaurant!


And last but not least…

| W | H O T E L | B A R C E L O N A |

Probably the furthest that we travelled out of our Marina to get food, not because we were lazy or didn’t want to explore. Just because every time we had our mind set to go somewhere, we’d walk or drive past somewhere just as good and change our minds about where we want to eat before we even get to our destination. *sigh*

If you have ever been to the Model Zone in The W Hotel, then let me tell you that your opinion on that is about to be significantly changed ( sorry LVK! ) but the W Hotel in Barcelona has definitely out-showed every other W Hotel that I have had a meal in. (I have only been to London, so I can’t compare it to much)

And they had sushi?!


Not only the quality of the food but the range of selection was amazing. And even after the meal they had performances going on where you could relax around a bar and an outdoor balcony with a pool overlooking the centre of Barcelona. Even on the way to the hotel you can tell the quality of the venue was going to change.

Like the food? Read | P I N G | P O N G |




T H I S | I S | M Y | B E A U T I F U L |

| F | M | B |

Eni Maj

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