| W H E N | I N | P A R I S |

| M O D E L S  | I N | P A R I S |

Stay. Away. From. The. Carbs.


Let’s go back to my first visit to Paris. Well, it wasn’t my first. It’s never a first. I can’t count the amount of times I have been there with my family, friends, school trips etc. But this was a first, because when you go there as a model – it’s quite a different city, and this goes for any other FW capitals.

With friends its a great place to explore and do nice things together, but when you are working and trying to find your way around, well – I must say that French people aren’t the most helpful. In my opinion. Yes they are nice, and they smile at you ( when they are not staring, because being black is a rare thing apparently ) but when it comes to buying something that you are not sure about or asking for help in directions, then you’re better off sticking to siri.

Much better off sticking to siri.

Model Life.

It’s great to meet fellow models and make new friends, and even be there with close ones too. This trip, Patrish and I had each others company ( usually if you are sponsored for work, you would stay in a model house with girls you may or may not know ) which was a privilege, as we got to experience the good, bad and new together. It’s always better to have someone there to experience new things with because new isn’t always necessarily good.

We stayed in a really lovely hotel 10 minutes from the Champs-Élysées which overlooked many iconic monuments ( have to act like a tourist sometimes ) as well as many sushi and lovely bread and cake cafes around.


Niccas In Paris ❤

Like my lipstick? Shop | B L A C K | U P |

We spent most of the morning times getting ready, inevitable for 2 girls sharing a bathroom – and started our days in the afternoon/evening even after promising ourselves the night before that we were going to “get up super early“.

“Look at my Dab!”

Get it now, get it now….

The places we ate were fantastic, starting off with one my favourites, The | B U D D H A | B A R | – which I am yet to visit in London too.

I fell in love with the decors, the lively yet dim ambience and the fact that you can enjoy your food overlooked by the spiritual buddha.

As well as the beautiful | Y E E L S | R E S T A U R A N T | which holds model dinners until late ( this is what I love Paris for – you can eat at 1 a.m. if needs be ) with its contemporary interiors and strobe-like lights that keep your energy levels up.

Basically, if you read my previous food series posts it’s like a more youthful version of Salmontini or Roka Mayfair, in which I went a few days back for the lovely Sonia’s birthday ❤

And then heading to | L’ A R C |, a top destination for Fashion Icons and influencers, that evening we were visited by Pamela Anderson and Justin Bieber.



So yes, It’s not all fun and games. We actually do some work, and its incredibly stressful trying to get to 6 or more different locations within 2 hours in the freezing cold, when 1. you have never been there before, and 2. as beautiful and amazing the streets in Paris are to look out, their numbering system is weird.

Firstly, let me start with how cold it was when we went. Literally, going into the minuses. Like minus-five, and for those of you who know about being casting-ready you can’t really wear the most clothing when you are going for go-sees. So I went with a vest top and shorts, but what really made the difference was my thin pair of sheer melanin-loving nude tights, from | S K I N | H O S I E R Y |

skin hosiery

Above I am wearing Lado and Patrish is wearing Zoe – both in medium, after a long day of go-sees.

They don’t give me the laddering stress, and they are also quite thin so they blend in well with any melaninfleeky skin.

Like MelaninFleeky tights? See | B I A N C A | M I L L E R |‘ s tights, inspo from Ohwawa

Here Comes The Rejection.

So obviously, unless you are God or have some supernatural attractive qualities, you will tend to go to hundreds of castings and go-sees before you land that booking/agency or job. It’s just the way it is, and also because there are hundreds of other girls who are just as or even more skinny and freakishly-tall than you are, and are trying to get the same thing as you. But it’s the way that the rejection is taken counts. I mean, I am a very passive person. I take things as they come, and if it isn’t for me – I move on.

Like, your loss.

You don’t know what you are missing by not booking me.

If you read my previous post about being | L | F | W | R E A D Y | you will understand the kind of rejection that I have had and probably worse has come after that. Especially in a city where cultural diversity isn’t as accepted in the modelling industry, and I find that there is still an obvious lack of ethnic diversity in the agencies. The odd one or two black models per-agency seems to be seen as enough.

And I am not scare to speak out about this because it is the truth.

And Why? It’s just melanin.

I think I would like that in black.

The funniest rejection line I heard about was when ( again, not mentioning specific agency before I get blacklisted and prematurely end my modelling career ) Patrish came back to me saying that after taking one look at her before even measuring her, the booker said

Everything, just everything is too big!

And If you see Patrish, she is definitely not big.

But it’s a’ight. When we start bringing in our millions they’ll be begging us to come back. All you need is P A T  I E N C E .

Want to feel my pain? Read | S I Z E | M A T T E R S |

Until Next Time.



T H I S | I S | M Y | B E A U T I F U L |

| F | M | B |


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