| G E T | N U D E |

| B I A N C A | M I L L E R | L O N D O N |

Nude. Redifined

We’re in Topshop! Shop us online and in Topshop, Oxford Circus.


B I A N C A | M I L L E R | L O N D O N is a new hosiery brand which has been created to redefine ‘nude’ by catering to women of all complexions, our range of nude tones have been carefully selected to satisfy complexions ranging from English Rose to Sub-Saharan African. And with all this police and unarmed-shooting malarkey going on, its safe to say that


Advocate of #BLM? Well #BlackTightsMatter just as much! ❤ I loved the idea of her proposition and was very happy to take part in the shooting of her catalogue and launch of the online retail! And the best thing is that they are now stocked all over central london, including TopShop and Selfridges.


| S E E | I T |

Bianca Miller created the brand after her own personal frustration of not being able to purchase the right colour for her skin tone. Working as a personal brand consultant and being in the corporate world, Bianca saw that women of all complexions had a similar problem. Bianca Miller is also the brainchild of award winning entrepreneur and BBC Apprentice Finalist 2014.

“Again, another topic that I have mutually understood and been a victim of that frustration.”- E.

Their proposition is unique because they offer a full assortment of skin-toned hosiery for all women and thus we are perfectly placed to change the retail landscape for hosiery by empowering women through diversity.



Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 21.55.04The colours have been carefully developed based on extensive research to adequately cover an array of skin tones, the density of the material means it would suit over 45 skin tones. And of course many thought this idea was an amazing one, and it was confirmed in Black Beauty Magazine which published an article on her nude tights.

On set I met 7 other models and including myself we were all assigned a colour group in which we were to model and they all each came in the form of tights and Holdups. These included Powder, Rose, Sand, Latte, Caramel:


They are available in 8 shades and in sizes from 8 to 22. The initial offering will be tights and lace hold–ups (starting from £12), which are available from www.biancamillerlondon.com

| G E T | P O W D E R | | G E T | R O S E | | G E T | S A N D | | G E T | L A T T E | | G E T | C A R A M E L | | G E T | C H E S T N U T | | G E T | C H O C O L A T E | |G E T | M O C H A |

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 22.03.19

We had so much fun on set and it was really wonderful meeting the team!

bianca miller tights 2

Creating a solution for all women.

Speaking on Nude Redefined, check out many more inspiring brands that cater to all complexions such as B L A C K | U P and N U B I AN | S K I N !

And don’t be afraid to Own Your Brown






T H I S | I S | M Y | B E A U T I F U L |

| F | M | B |

Eni Maj

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