| H O U S E | O F | B E A U T Y |

| P U B L I C A T I O N | S E R I E S |

| A L E X A N D E R | I V A N O V |

_MG_0911 Eni Maj Folkestone 230716 by Alexander Ivanov Photography for web_MG_1236 Eni Maj Folkestone 230716 by Alexander Ivanov Photography for web_MG_0869 Eni Maj Folkestone 230716 by Alexander Ivanov Photography for web

White. (In collab with House of Beauty)

Alexander Ivanov is a professional photographer that specialises in photography including individuals, couples and families, weddings, children to animals and even city scares and simple street photography. The range is immense but in every field he can still manage to maintain professionalism and accuracy in each field. And he sure knows how to spot the perfect location!

IMG_4931He is a proud member of the Royal Photographic Society and World Photography Organisationand is fully insured,  able to cooperate with a team of talented videographersmake-up artists and stylists/ hairdressers, so that your images are bound to be outstanding. He is also open to the new contacts which is great, as he was the first photographer open to test with me when I first started and decided to work together again two years on!

“Why don’t we try something white.” – A.

The inspiration was something simple but creative, and what is great about working with Alex is that
we will start with one or two motives, and then end up with thousands because there are always ideas springing up in-between shots as he always has something great and creative to
input. It keeps it exciting and interesting when you end up with something more than what you expected at the end of the day.

Green, green garden ❤

His photography is clean, cut and fresh. Pure simplicity.

“Why don’t we try something black.” – A.

So we journeyed into the  south of England, Hastings, before shooting my collaboration with fabletics (**coming soon**) and stumbling upon this rustic yet artistic deteriorated tractors in the background that were dispersed around the rocky beach.

***Playsuit from Primark, Glasses from Michael

“Why don’t we discover serenity.” – E.

And it doesn’t end here, what is also great about Alex is his willingness to work with others constantly and that was the case with House of Beauty. ❤

| H O U S E | O F | B E A U T Y |

“They mock our features and disrespect our kin, yet they inject to have our lips and want to darken their skin.” – E.

That moment when you just wish every single possible type of makeup and colour could just exist in one place.

“Voila!” -E.

Here comes house of beauty, and I was lucky enough to be able to have their new Lip Hybrids that literally stick and grab onto your lips – and hundreds of MUAs are constantly growing towards its trend. And Alex was able to capture their effectiveness, even from a distance within his photography.

It’s bold and creative and everything more! | S H O P | T H E M |

Although, upon seeing the jar, it may appear rather small. Once you try them, you will learn that in fact a pea size amount (more or less), is just enough for application!

The jars also keep them from smudging or melting within themselves as you would get with normal lipsticks under heat, and even better – no leaks!



I received OUTCAST, MIDNIGHT, CABERNET and CELEBRATION. They have an amazing range of lip colours, which you can see here and during the shoot the Midnight Lip Hybrid and the Celebration Lip Hybrid were applied onto me at different times during the shoot, creating a perfect finish under the sun.  Their prices are reasonable, just $14 considering that they last for months due to their creamy mixture of nurturing ingredients with high quality pigmentation – meaning only a pea size amount is needed for full coverage. | F O L L O W | T H E M |

“No more lip stains on the drinking glass!” – Everyone.

IMG_3045They adhere so well to your lips, that they will last you through food and drink and will not feather or fade! I personally prefer to clean my hands and just use my fingers for application, but they suggest for best application to use their Detachable Lip Brush or one of our Disposable Doe Foot Applicators, which you can find here.

They ship worldwide and there are many deals and packages (such as when you buy over 6 lip hybrids you save $34 – and upwards exponentially) going on constantly so stay tuned on the website!

| F O L L O W | H I M |

| F A C E B O O K |   | I N S T A G R A M |

alex ivanov

Hi, Hi Alex 🙂

#Publication Series



T H I S | I S | M Y | B E A U T I F U L |

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