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Natural hair versus Extensions

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There tends to be the stigma that having straight (western/caucasian-looking) hair is the ‘desirable‘ option, when it comes to the industry that is. So even if it does not come down to getting the straight weave/wig, I have noticed that most established models of colour have their hair relaxed (chemically straightened) in preparations for shows and shoots, as clients find this easier to deal with. Which is completely fine actually. I would rather not have my ‘Fro tugged and ripped apart, if I could just turn up in straight hair and enjoy the luxury of a soft brush going through my hair without needing a gallon of Coconut Oil. But you would think that in 2016 hair stylists would have been trained to deal with a broad range of hair types, especially the industry proffesionals. And so far I have worked with only a few hair professional who works specifically and effortlessly with Afro Hair ( Credit: http://www.anneveckhair.com ).
pat-yo-weaveBut how about the models who don’t want to relax, and aren’t as willing as many to have the typical ‘low cut’ afro or the shaved head that usually pairs itself with the afro (again, reducing maintenance time and hassle on set). It’s basically a lose or lose situation: Keep the ‘fro, lose the chance to diversify (without natural looking weaves/wigs etc.) but keep the natural look that will book the jobs with the sincere persona. Or relax, get the weave/wig, get the commercial jobs, but be limited in styling as there is only so much you can do when it comes to hairstyles when you have wefts of hair running through your scalp.

The struggle is real. When you have a last minute casting and they’re requesting for your hair to be straight when you know very well that that will require a lot more than an hours worth of straightening. And then you start to think what is life as you debate whether or not to put the wig on and just pray that they don’t notice.

I went natural (that is, stopped relaxing my hair) at the beginning of January this year, and had  been wearing open closure lace wigs for certain castings. It did not really change the quality of jobs and the type of work that I was getting (I mean, the quality of work did improve but that is just because over time one would pray that that would happen anyways) and I was only asked for my natural hair to be out only once, in comparison to before I went natural and was asked for my hair out a lot more. *shruggs*


| F R I Z Z | E A S E |

On set the other day, with one of my closest and dearest MUAs to work with, ( http://natashabakhshov.tumblr.com ) was the first time I had my hair out on set for the whole year. And it was weird to see how thick my hair had become. But it was crazy how a little squeeze of John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum turned my ‘Fro into wavy locks. And that’s the thing about coloured hair, it can hold so many shapes and styles because of its kinkiness, and that’s a stand innovation to Diversity.

But that’s what I love about it all! The diversity. Today I’m AuNaturale and tomorrow WeaveOnFleek and then the day after I start all over again. I feel like its the best way, to be able to please any clients brief (one client weighing drastically more than the other, of course) but still maintain a look that can be easily transformed.

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Are you Team Natural or Nah? What would you stand for?

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