| I T’ S | J U S T  | M E L A N I N |

| W H A T’ S | T H E | D I F F E R E N C E ? |

What is the difference?

yes beyonce

Isn’t it funny that a simple variation in our gene pool – which mother nature beautiful blessed us with to protect us against the sun, our skin cells, ( melanocytes ) can cause years and years of segregation, racial issues, socio-economic issues and more.
Like it’s really silly if you think about it because it is exactly the same thing as being labelled as a completely different race or treated differently just because you happen to be short as opposed to tall.

” Why don’t we call all short people stubs? And then start hanging them on trees because their gene pool gave them shorter limbs. ” – By someone similar to Hitler lol

Sounds stupid right?


And the funny thing is that it is actually. just. melanin! ( okayyy, and the kinks and the booty ) It’s just a change in this tiny gene number in this long list of coding that gave us those #FleekyChocolate tones like Ohwawa and the rest of my MelaninBaddies



” Sorry, Can I have that In Black Please? “

And it is funny how I chose to write around this topic literally the day before Beyoncé released her new killer ( as usual ) single, Formation.

Coincidence? Nah.

Apart from it being a great song it also touches on a lot of the racial issues that are still going on everywhere, predominantly causing tension in the USA – but everywhere. I was talking to a girl the other day who said that, in comparison to where she was from, racism was a lot less of an issue in the UK. She was not from the US, by the way – and even though we may not have people yelling the N* word at us on the streets or lashing out at us with horse whips doesn’t mean we have overcome racism and/or segregation. 

In fact, I feel like because it isn’t showed as much verbally ( the act of speaking out in racism has been oppressed due to the fact that it is illegal and immoral, even though many people still display it through their body language and motives  ) means that it has become more of a racism that has to be done on the low – and then covered up ignorantly, to stress on how it is in fact not racist. Which is even worse – because that’s just the most irritating thing. It’s like watching someone getting butchered right in front of you, and then the person doing the act just stands up and claims that it was “by accident.”

There are more than enough examples out there that show how black lives are constantly being disregarded, so I won’t dwell on it. I’ll leave that for another post… But the fact that QueenB still has to bring out these songs with such powerful messages behind them must tell us that the issues are still very much there.

| F O R M A T I O N |

There are many moments in this video where QueenB stresses certain views on Black History:

1. I think she made it clear on how much her baby Blue’s Natural Hair slats! Oh and of course how she LOVES her Black features, quoting the Jackson 5


2. Repping the Wig and Weave-Wearers (like Eni lol)


3. Here, maybe going back to her roots in Louisiana, showing the Second Line Parade to Mardi Gras Indians.


4.Team Natural or Nah?


5. She significantly stresses the theme #BlackLivesMatter which dominates the video, and if you didn’t know already her and her Hubby’s company Tidal have donated $1.5 million to the cause. Also, below the former African threading hairstyle goes back to the Victorian Era  of the African American woman.


Not enough? Cred* | B L A C K | G I R L | L O N G | H A I R |

” I just might be a Black Bill Gates in the Making! “



And… we don’t really help ourselves either. Can we stop with this phrase of “black people timing?” Nah, it started with “African Timing” and there is also “Spanish Timing” but you would never hear a European going “White People Timing” because they haven’t been subdued to think of themselves as acting differently just because of their skin colour.

As a different race.

I know it may just be a lighthearted joke, and we may laugh now and again, but these kind of jokes don’t help us in the long haul, it makes that division line thicker.

And I don’t get it. Why should there be a division line? It’s just melanin…


| T H I S | I S | L O V E |






T H I S | I S | M Y | B E A U T I F U L |

| F | M | B |

Eni Maj

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