| P E R A B E A M |

| P E R A B E A M |

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Accessories by PeraBeam

I know you’re not really meant to have favourites when it comes to listing a brand, but I must admit that the Kumihimo waterfall necklace (that I wear above) is definitely my favourite from Accessories by Perabeam – so we start with this! They are all delicately handmade – which is amazing – and each bead is bonded together and fitted to the stitch!

“Exquisite handmade jewelry/accessories in the UK.” -P.

I have always been a fan of jewellery because I feel that it is one of those things that will never leave you – sort of like your first car, or those shoes you never want to throw away. Jewellery is timeless and it goes with almost everything and any occasion, but having jewellery that can be especially made to suit your own needs is amazing, and that’s just what Perabeam offers!

Kumihimo also comes with the Crystal Beaded Earrings (you can shop personally via the email I have provided below) with gold-plated chains, and I got mine in Brown. It does not retract from the necklace but still stands out from the brown of my skin.

And of course, the selfie burst ❤ 

They all come inside this cutely (also handmade) package within a couple of working days, and are silky and strong to the touch! Designed by Adebimpe Dauda

What I love the most about this piece is the magnet hooks which makes putting it on and taking it off so much easier than the usual struggle life that occurs when you’re in a rush and trying to get your bracelet on.

“Accessories are like vitamins to fashion – as such, you should use them liberally.” – S.

The whole series above are all from the Kumihimo series, so if you want your own tailor-made beauties, then my dearie you know what to do!

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// Whatsapp/📞+447946513642 BBM:-55D05BF5 // accessoriesbyperabeam@gmail.com //

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