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WaterMelon Anyone?

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Give Me Melons

Give Me Melons.

This was the first editorial that I ever did, before I was even signed to Oxygen shot by Marcus Hessenberg.

I remember him being this really bubbly and friendly photographer who loved the African Culture ( especially Ghanian – I am not Ghanian but i think he thought I was ) and frequently visited the  continent. I loved his enthusiasm to engulf himself in many other cultures and I thought it was great how he really reflected the London Life of not actually belonging to one culture.

He contacted me online, and I was a bit sceptical because I had heard of many horror stories of young models being kidnapped and all of that. And this was before I had an agent for approval, but when we met before hand in an open coffee shop I was really at ease.

We discussed plans about this playful idea of 2 ‘glamed-up‘ models walking around Deptford Market on a Saturday and capturing the real reactions of the pedestrians. He came with another model Fatima, and I organised Louisa Mensah MUA that I had worked with a bit prior to our shoot.

The reactions were hilarious. The obvious wolf-whisteling (Me and Fatima at this point were very shy and a bit freaked out but then we got used to it and had a good team to calm us down) and extreme staring. As well as randomers popping out the shops and try to be in our pictures (the fish-mongers being the main culprits) and all the young library students where we had set up to do makeup and styling change.

This Is So Normal
This Is So Normal
The prints were actually fabrics that my Mother had custom made for Nigerian Weddings. Everything was very relaxed. But the results were great!


And finding out that we were published on Vogue a year later brought back such great memories. And I just had to write about it because it shows how the most casual and friendly encounters can bring about the most rewarding outcomes.

Deptford Market

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And, not to forget…

Thank you Louisa! <3
Thank you Louisa! โค




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