| Y E M Z I |

Hey, Yemzi!

So that pretty much sums everything up! (love fashion films – lol)

So, about Yemzi! A Print and Fashion Designer, Elizabeth-Yemi Akingbade founded Yemzi™ in 2013 with a small range of printed t-shirts on graduation from the prestigious University of The Arts London. And a couple of years later, Eni and Yemzi did some simple e-comm studio shots for their brand new E-Store in which you can shop below!

The following year she began to master pattern-cutting and garment construction which equipped her with the necessary skills to launch a self-funded fashion venture.

“Ethical and environmental sustainability is at the core of Yemzi’s foundations because I simply think it’s only fair to look after the people and planet whilst making fashion. It’s clear that style is not sacrificed for sustainability as the Yemzi label contributes to redefining the perception of conscious, slow, sustainable womenswear.” – E, A. 2014

“Get off my silk!” – E.

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| S H O P | Y E M Z I |

They have a shipping container in Bootstrap’s Bootyard at the heart of Dalston in which they stocked, and it was opened in December 2015, 9am to 5pm on weekends by appointment! You can find the address below or at the link above for more information.

18 – 22 Ashwin Street
Dalston, London
E8 3DL

The silk feels like heaven on your skin and it’s so light you feel as if it is not even touching your skin. Definitely worth the buy – but one would advise to wear it when the weather is not acting like atypical England – a good holiday buy!

Silky, smooth, sultry.

| F O L L O W | T H E M |

| F A C E B O O K |   | I N S T A G R A M |   | T W I T T E R |

Like the E-comm? Then you’ll love | S A B I N A |




T H I S | I S | M Y | B E A U T I F U L |

| F | M | B |

Eni Maj

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