| A R D E L L | L A S H E S |

| A R D E L L | L A S H E S |


Doesn't look like I have lashes in, does it?
Doesn’t look like I have lashes in, does it? Featuring, Smile Sciences UV Mouth Piece xox

“Eni, why were you late?” – Annoying Person.

“Um…look at my lashes..look at my brows..Don’t Be Asking Me Why I Was Late!” – E.

Are Those Real?

If you are going for that natural but not-so-natural but still-subtle and still-popping lashes look then Ardell Lashes are the one to go for! They’re super light but strong adhesives keep an all-day confidence, no worrying about covering your eyelids as the wind blows through them, and easy removal with no blotchy glue residues the next day – and trust, coming from me – they just feel amazing!

Phew! Just a dream!

| F O L L O W | T H E M |

They have been used on countless celebrities who featured in many magazines including Allure, Eyelash, COSMO, LaunchPad and many more and I was so excited when I got them through the mail in a Golden Pack!


Above, I am wearing a range of Individuals (set in place by a talented MUA on the set for M-SEWs fashion Film – because Ain’tNobodyGotTimeToPutInIndividuals) – which give it an even more natural feel, avoiding the ‘pat-pat-pat’ syndrome as there is no line weft. 

Like my eyebrows? Read | W U N D E R B R O W | within my post about BlackUp.

They have a range of selections, from the Chocolate Lash (alluring blend of brown and black, love this combination as many people don’t realise that just because we have dark eyelashes it doesn’t necessarily mean they are black, and gives more of a natural blend), Natural Lashes (lightweight and slightly wispy so that you can’t even feel like they are on – you only realise once you get back home and wash your face), Curvy Lashes (that compliment those with the already curved and natural eyelashes), and Individuals (for the extremely patient, even MUAs, to give that total all-natural finish).

I would recommend the Deluxe Pack which includes 2 pairs of natural lashes from the Natural Range, a strong adhesive in a tube that does not dry up internally, and a pair of applicators which has been my main testimonial. Their easy to use applicators are what distinguishes Ardell from any other lash brand, and for me it makes life so much easier! You simply use the black clip ends to pick and dip the lashes in glue, and then the pink end to press the lashes onto of your lash-line!

Application Set in Deluxe Pack

All in all, the aim is to provide all natural but still alluring eyelashes. And for me they do the trick. They even stay on longer than a day.

Below I am wearing the C H O C O L A T E | L A S H E S which give the perfect natural, yet thick finish. I find it works well with my Strong Red Lip coated with a gloss layer from B L A C K | U P :

I am not  a huge lash wearer, but I also don’t have the longest lashes so sometimes its nice to bring the eyes out, but you don’t wan the typical-stuck on strip tacky look that makes everyone feel like there’s about to be an earthquake every time you blink.

| G E T | I T |

For my hair, I used the | B A N T U | K N O T | technique set overnight with Tresseme Keratin Smooth serum which lasts for 7 days: | G E T | I T |

Special Thanks to KilPatrick PR



T H I S | I S | M Y | B E A U T I F U L |

| F | M | B |

Eni Maj

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