| D A N I E L’ S | P O L A R O I D S |

| P U B L I C A T I O N | S E R I E S |

| D A N I E L’ S | P O L A R O I D S |

“Au Naturale.”


His name was Daniel. And he stayed behind the lens. And he said some things that made me laugh, and some things that drew me in. And 10 minutes later, he said “got it” and I was kind of thrown back because I didn’t even know he had been taken any images ( I thought it was that stage where the photographer was testing the lights and you kind of just do your thing because you know that it’s very unlikely that he’s going to use these first few shots ) and especially on a film camera, because as I mentioned before in Nagib’s shots – there are many reasons why setting up a film camera and the preparations and patience that it takes are very difficult.


But yeah, anyways 10 minutes later – we had these.

We had Daniel’s Polaroids.

***Special Thanks to my well trusted MUA Louisa Mensah for her natural highlights even though all the polaroids were shot in black and white (lol) #MUAStillNeeded ❤ Contact: beautybylouisam@gmail.com

#Publication Series


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