| I C E C R E A M |

| P U B L I C A T I O N | S E R I E S |


Anyone for ice-cream?


| I C E C R E A M | M A G A Z I N E |

Icecream Magazine is a magazine by Katie McDougall that just started up earlier this year. I was blessed enough to work with an old friend Serena Esri-Bloom, as well as meeting the team who all came together to produce the final, finished hard-copy of its first issue, thanks to several generous donations from friends, family and lovers of the female community!


The magazine discusses many issues raised within the female community (and more) from topics that I have talked about even prior to being involved with their discussions, such as the stigmas behind periods, body hair, and what people describe as the “perfect body“.



The magazine raises awareness by questioning the taboos and rules that surround identity. They talk about gender, race, sex, class, sexuality, disability, the body and celebrate its diversity. They misbehave in pink – representing the colour of ‘being female’.


They represent the voice of a wide range of voices (such as me) from young writers, artists, poets and photographers in a medium that is accessible to our generation – and I am completely for this – so it is great to be able to cover for a magazine that I actually agree with ( which is very rare these days ) was really great, and you can tell how happy I was in this picture.


( *picture cred*…really and truly, Beverly said something extremely funny that made me burst out in laughter but let’s just do it for the blog aha! )

Picture taken at the LVK Model Zone, in the W Hotel Leicester Square.

So let’s go behind the scenes where the small team pulled together some amazing colour palettes, lights, and decor in a small cafe in the up and coming (in terms of this new trend craze) Peckham.


– S: “Looking back, what advice would you give to your younger self?” – E: When I was younger I wasn’t really thinking about the future because of the existing structures based around my education. But I would have advised myself to really think about what I loved doing, and at the same time to try as many things as possible – because when you’re that young you have so much time than you think.

– S: “Do you think it is important for there to be more magazines out there that deal with real issues or are there enough?” – E: I think there are a good number of magazines out there. But they’re just not targeting the right audience for the issues that they are dealing with.

So when you can, why not pick up a copy? It’s free and you can find them almost anywhere.

Andddd that with allow you to be able to read my 8 page spread interview shot by Sophie Mawson and interviewed by Serena Esri-Bloom where I talk about my hobbies, ambitions – what I am doing currently, and what options and situations have led me to walk in the path that I am walking in now etc. etc. if you all haven’t read it here!


Oh, and as always don’t forget to…

| F O L L O W | T H E M |

| F A C E B O O K |   | L I N K E D I N |


#Publication Series



T H I S | I S | M Y | B E A U T I F U L |

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Eni Maj

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