| B A R C A | Pt. 1 |

| P L A C E S | I N | B A R C E L O N A |

 Erica and I stayed in the H10 Marina in Barcelona, which was “coincidentally” 5 minutes away from the peaceful Bogatell Beach, and 10 minutes from the more touristic Barceloneta Beach. And being one of the many times I have been in Spain, however my first time in Barcelona – we wanted to make sure we were situated not too far from the centre, but also near the marina bay to take advantage of views that you most certainly wouldn’t get in London. So our location was more than ideal.


| B O G A T E L L | B E A C H |

<<< | S H O P | M Y | O U T F I T | >>>

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beach bogatell

Of course, apart from the extremely obvious and not-even-trying-to-look-away type staring, ( another country, such as Paris and Milan, that everyone seems to be fascinated when they see a black girl ) it was a very comfortable place to visit. There weren’t a lot of people – as you get on sunny days in england when everyone seizes the opportunity to run to the beach, such as in Brighton or Southend – because good weather is a norm so people tend to enjoy he beach sensibly or take relaxing runs and walks around the marina.




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And of course spent most of our time taking advantage of my selfie-stick, and the beautiful natural lights coming through our rooms for those amazing selfies.


| H 10 | M A R I N A | B A R C E L O N A |


After taking a short dip, we went back to our hotel to take advantage of the many great facilities that comes with staying in H10. These include the sauna, turkish baths, massage pits, pool, dinner service, wine-tasting booth, piano, and roof terrace views.

And of course, more selfies! Lol.

But considering we only had a few days in Barcelona ( excluding the days we had to spend going to go-sees ) we thought it would be good to actually leave the hotel and our block – although we were in love with it enough to just stay indoors for the whole trip – and venture more into the centre to discover more places.


| M A N D A R I N | O R I E N T A L |

This place really reminded me of the Dolce and Gabbana Martini Bar in Milano, because of the use of strong yellow lights against the walls, within the dim rooms and the outside seating areas.

Like most places in Barcelona, the staff were very friendly and welcoming and you really get the most out of your experience when the people around you are very caring.

PapiSucre lol ❤

| G A T S B Y | x |  S U T T O N |


One thing we did notice in Barcelona is the fact that the locals are very laid back when they are going to places – in London females put on more of an effort – and jeans to a members-only venue would be seen as down-dressing. But in Barcelona, jeans, plimsoles and casual wear was in the majority which was strange to see at first but in a  way I guess it created more of a natural ethos. Very unlike that of Mayfair.

And I love the fact that ERICA came with her beautiful mother ❤

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If not for the wonderful company around me, it wouldn’t really be for me. And if you are a Trap-lover it wouldn’t be the place to go. But nonetheless it was a unique experience and we cannot wait to go back.

Literally it was a struggle leaving – we were close to missing our flight ( whether or not that was intentional still remains uncertain ) but because of major delays it waited for us to get there, unfortunately. And leaving the sun and returning to windy rainy London wasn’t something exactly to jump for joy.

Especially as knowing that I was to return to piles of University work and unfinished blog posts (aha) but it’s life. You enjoy these moments more when you know that you cannot have it regularly.

On the plus note, I returned to London with one more agency so it was all win win.


Thanking God and embracing the gift of life.


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T H I S | I S | M Y | B E A U T I F U L |

| F | M | B |

Eni Maj

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