| P A U L S | B O U T I Q U E |

| G I V E | M E | T H A T | B A G ! |

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P A U L’ S  B O U T I Q U E  is an international premium accessories brand, with a unique personality and a distinctive DNA. They take inspiration from the streets of London to create high quality, sophisticated and stylish products with an edgy approach.

| R E A D | A B O U T | T H E M |

I received this beauty through the post the other day and already fell in love! Thank you Lizzie!

Above I am wearing the Maria Tote Bag in Multi Block Colour Range (rocking it for Halloween! – see post after)

| G E T | I T | with F R E E  U K  D E L I V E R Y over £50.

The Maria is a new style for Autumn/Winter 2015 – this block print tote will freshen up any outfit as well as fitting in all your everyday essentials

I want another one and I guess because they tend to have this addictive feeling to them. Not a bad kind of addiction – a trusting addiction. The type of want that makes you so sure you’re going to like it for a long time (not just a seasonal crush). And because I trust their bag quality I know that whatever item that I may get next will be just as great, and that’s the good kind of addiction that PB gives.

Also, check out their AW/15 range which I absolutely love. Their simplistic yet elegant materials really blend in with the season and the occasional popping of bright colours still gives a bit of a surprise factor to the bags and wallets.

That’s enough from me, but trust me, you won’t want to wait any longer without these beauties!


Just me, and my Pauls.


My Pauls' <3
My Pauls’ ❤

| S H O P | T H E M |




T H I S | I S | M Y | B E A U T I F U L |

| F | M | B |

Eni Maj

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