| H E R | N A M E | I S |

| P U B L I C A T I O N | S E R I E S |

| T I M E L E S S |

 *define, Timeless;  "Not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion."

And that is exactly what Nagib El Desouky wanted to capture in this subtle publication piece called “House of Fortitude’. Not only was it my first shoot away from a studio, it was my first experience with film. Yes, what was so different about this shoot and why I really appreciated every moment of it was that every moment was captured on film.



Yes, the deadly word. The word that means no “Oh, can I see how it looks” or “wait I wasn’t ready” . It really captures the moment. The original photography. And that is what photography was stemmed to be, a moment in real life that could be captured effortlessly – not the anticipation of a flashing light and the urge to check and see if you look fat or not ( *guilty* )

But when you are just starting off in the industry it is hard to be able to respond to a film camera due to many reasons.

  • It takes several minutes to recharge up after a take, and we all know time is money
  • And speaking of money, the film docks themselves are expensive
  • If you want to change the lens and layout of the shot (i.e. a wider sense, or portrait to landscape view) it isn’t as easy as flipping a button or switch on a digital, you must have bought a separate film unit that specifies to that demand – and then spend several minutes changing it.
  • Lighting is a pain – if you don’t get it right you won’t know until the films are processed and ready, which can always be scanned and retouched if worse comes to worse – but then that takes away the grains quality
  • If you have bad skin, bad hair ( thank God for that lol ) then say bye-bye because Mr. Flash and Mrs. Photoshop have been divorced from this conversation
  • If you blink. bye
  • If you cough. bye
  • If you speak during a shot. bye

It goes on…

But these things that may be seen as “complications” to many photographers/models was a blessing to me, and experience that I would love to have again. But because you are usually paid by the hour and the recession is still chasing behind us – most sets are rushed to meet certain wrap times – instead of really appreciating the timeless moments within the shoot and the experiences that can be created from them.

Timeless. Why does that word keep coming to mind? Because that is all he was saying. He’s quite a strange man ( Nagib, the photographer, that is ) because even though he knew it was my first shoot he was very adamant on not having any verbal input into the process before taking the film shots. This was quite daunting as at that point in time I really felt like I needed direction – it wasn’t your typical fierce and smize-with-the-eyes kind of shoot, it was subtle, serene, awe, timelessness. He wanted me to be able to capture a moment that can be looked at 100 years before and after our current time – and you still wouldn’t know when it was taken. He wanted to hide her identity with subtle movements that didn’t give up her state of mind.

And who is she? Her name is Eniore.


Who is he? Contact him on | T U M B L R |

#Publication Series



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Eni Maj

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