| M – S E W |

| M – S E W | W O M E N S | F A S H I O N |

Founder: Meagan

Bermuda born Meagan S.E. Wellman started M-SEW in 2014 soon after finishing her fashion design studies at the University for the Creative Arts, Epsom. M-SEW is based in London and specializes in creating luxury womenswear that is effortlessly cool. Made with the woman who’s not afraid to play with her wardrobe and explore her instinctual style in mind.

As soon as I met Meagan on set for the filming of her Womens Collection for “Cup Match Runnings” I felt instantly at ease and comfortable. Her designs are amazing, easy and comfortable to wear – and her inspirations are effortlessly unique.

It was a cold day, but we made the most out of it working with talented Videographer Natalia Safronova, and MUA Shannon. I hope to see you all soon and and extremely well done for getting featured in NYFW and many magazines since the last time! More good things to come!

| R E A D | M O R E |

Behind the Scenes:

| S H O P | H E R E |

For the Fashion Film, Featuring Me, Follow…


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T H I S | I S | M Y | B E A U T I F U L |

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