| Y H U S H |

| B E A U T I F U L | D E T A I L E D | U N D E R W E A R |

It’s all about the details.

Dear Amy and Stella, 

Thank you for being so comfortable and perfect on my skin, and your beautiful lace details fit in well with your chic ethos.

By the way, Amy is the bra top and Stella are the bottoms. And no, I am not crazy. Yhush uses names to categorise each of their pieces which I think is a fantastic idea as it personalises each item type and colour to a character, and you can immediately identify with names rather than description of item. This lets your imagination free of the boring moment when you have to go bra shopping. It becomes more of a story and a  journey! And it’s great fun! Go through their catalogue and see for yourself!


| S E E | I T |

The bras come in many varieties, from the RacerBack to the Padded and normal LaceEdge. Which is my favourite.

Yhush’s Lace is great because it still adds to the fabric’s hold against your skin, but it is still thin enough to not show through your clothing! And they’re cute – they don’t scream any form of provocateur! They are just very comfortable to wear and to look at. (Me. I am looking at them. No one else. But Me. lol)

Amy’s edges are oh so soft to the touch, and super cute!

| G E T | I T | : A M Y    or    S T E L L A  ?

Special thanks to Yhush for sending me this beautiful piece. 

Like the 2 piece? See | B A R C A | Pt. 1 | for more bikinis




T H I S | I S | M Y | B E A U T I F U L |

| F | M | B |

Eni Maj

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