| K O L C H A G O V | B A R B A |

| K O L C H A G O V | B A R B A |

Amazing Designers.

Emilio and Svet
Emilio and Svet

The Kolchagov Barba (Emilio Barba left, Svetoslav Kolchagov Right) SS/15 Show last year was my first LFW show and it was definitely a 0 to 100 experience. I remember having a really bad day and being turned away by the casting that I went to that morning, but as soon as I entered the casting room I was welcomed by these 2 very well-groomed Italian couple, who instantly called me gorgeous and made me feel at home. They asked if I had any experience in runway shows (at that stage the only experience I had was watching Tyra talking about ‘tooching the booty‘ on Americas Next Top Models – in which I later found out to be highly inaccurate in my case) and I nodded, trying to buy some time to come up with some form of experience, but before I could even they already got me to try a few dresses – and that was that and I was booked.

Is he gay? – “Nah, he’s just Italian.”

kolchagov gif

It was an incredible show, and I got to have a word with one of the editors of Cosmopolitan Magazine. And it was just an upward hill from there. They are one of the most talented designers I have met, their dresses really enhance the female body and they have dresses and pieces that suit each body type accordingly. They even have personal celebrity clients who love their dresses and wear them to events on a regular basis, such as Katie Piper.

When I was requested to walk for their most current SS/16 show that just passed by this season I was just as excited and it was again, not a surprise to be a great show, held at a beautiful venue. Credit: Oxygen Model Management.

Plus, who doesn’t love italians!

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