| W H A T | A R E | T H O S E ? ! |

| S H O E | C O N T A C T |

kim foot
Kim, Why Are You Always So Extra ?


I make Shoe Contact before Eye Contact

Firstly, if you are a man and for some reason stumbled on here, then you should probably be more interested in wanting to | L O O K | D A P P E R | instead of reading ahead about female fashion. However, if you wear a bra, then read on!

I wouldn’t consider myself as a “fashionista” but I do like looking at a good pair ( even if I do not own them myself ) but now again its nice to appreciate what you have.

shoe army

So I decided to pull out some rather old and some rather new pairs that I just like looking at now and then but rarely get to wear because of the typical:

Girl Buys Shoes That Look Nice But Hurt So Much That You Can Only Wear Them Long Enough To Take A Few Pictures In And Then As Soon As You Step Out You Take The Flats Out Because Your Foot Is About To Fall Off


| C U R R E N T | F A V O U R I T E S |




So I have decided to add another because I just couldn’t help it – and because it is now that season where knee-highs are in I thought it would be great to show my BlackyBooties from Office. I bought these almost 2 years ago but only started wearing them a few weeks back – which I really don’t know why.


Above I wear it with my | E A R L Y | pouch ❤ and it goes best with some knee high socks underneath to help sit on the heel’s base properly, or how about try them with a pair of | E L S Y | tights?

Like my lipstick? Shop | R E V L O N | and my nails? Read | P E R F E C T I L |

nail revlon

Need to get some GREAT shoes? Don’t forget about…

| Y U L L | S H O E S |

And… curious about the B L I N G ?

| S H O P | T A R O |




what are those


T H I S | I S | M Y | B E A U T I F U L |

| F | M | B |

Eni Maj

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