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New Year New You

new years

When all you need for Christmas is YOU…and your bed.

When All You Need For Christmas Is YOU
When All You Need For Christmas Is YOU

As the New Year approaches I tend to ask myself, and I am sure this is the same for many others, what I will be leaving behind or taking with me into the new years. And I don’t mean anything materialistic I mean in terms of my actions, habits, relationships and characteristics.

It’s easy to say, ” Well last year I failed in so and so because things didn’t work out how I wanted them to.

But have you ever stopped to think that maybe it wasn’t meant to work out? Maybe you lost that job or didn’t pass that exam because God was trying to lead you into another direction that you are yet to discover?

It may be hard, but there are some things that you might just have to leave behind because after multiple tries you haven’t accomplished that certain thing. And yes we all know about the ” Once failed, try try again ” which does not say ” Once failed, try try try try try try…. ” – get the point?

And there is always something to leave behind.

There is no perfect being that can say they don’t need to change anything about themselves, because if there was trust me – we would know. And we would hunt them down for that sacred secret.

So yes, I left certain things behind that I wasn’t finding very easy to accomplish or I didn’t feel motivated enough to keep trying – because trust me, if it is meant to be – it will be – it might be hard but you will have the determination to continue. If you are not bothered, then it is obviously something that isn’t good for you. These things included, science – well, me wanting to be a surgeon ( pfft I can’t even kill a fly, yet alone rip into someone’s body ) and many other thing that you tend to discover around this age that’s just weren’t for me.

I made some big decision changes last year ( 2014-15 ) in the way that I behaved and carried myself and it was hard – because when you are used to a certain nature it is hard to come out of that shell.

Come Out Of That Shell <3
Come Out ❤

I came out of my comfort zone, I left that shy personality behind and started to meet people that I would  have never dreamed of meeting a few years ago, I went places – alone – and discovered so many new things in this last year than I had in almost all my life.
And that was just by changing the way I communicated with other people.

Hard? – no.

Not hard at all.

Even in the way I look – the quality of my skin, my hair, my nails – just due to small dietary changes – drinking a lot more water, eating more fruit and vitamins and last but not least…


( post about this magic coming soon )

And this coming year I will make another minor change ( I am not telling you – that would spoil everything ) for the better.

But I can help you to figure out what it is you want to leave behind ( this includes people just as much as behaviours and habits ), and what qualities that you know you must keep because they help you excel in whatever it is that makes you smile and jump out of that bed in the morning:

  • If it stresses you out, makes you anxious, frustrated, LEAVE IT BEHIND.
  • If it is wasting your time, LEAVE IT BEHIND.

– and this a tricky one, because ‘wasted time‘ can be pretty subjective. Someone may see partying excessively as wasted time, while others may see it as a form of connecting with people for business or social purposes. This is something I can’t help you with – but if you know that your main goal is being hindered because maybe you are always hungover then maybe that should be considered as a waste of time.

  • If it hinders your self-esteem, LEAVE IT BEHIND.

– this is to all of you girls who complain about having boyfriend issues, oh- he doesn’t text me enough. Or oh – why isn’t he noticing my new hair. Or, oh – what have I done wrong? LEAVE. HIM. BEHIND. Bye. See you next century. ” Hasta Lavista “. The last thing you want it going into the new years thinking ” maybe if I looked like this or that he would change … ” and this applies to friendships too.

  • If it’s moving you away from your family, LEAVE IT BEHIND.
  • If it’s trying to get into your pants, and you ain’t about that life ( lol ), LEAVE IT BEHIND.
  • If it’s not a D I A M O N D , LEAVE IT BEHIND.

Just a year ago, I have come so far in my studies and my work and aspiring career and it has been the help of God ( firstly, of course ) and the act of being focused by eliminating the unnecessary and moving on with whatever it is that you excel in.

Hopefully we can all learn great things from this year and move on to being better people ❤

…maybe that could be letting people off the tube before you barge in. Yeah, that would be much appreciated.

Happy New Years!

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Eni Maj

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