| NO | T O | M E A T ? |

| NO | T O | M E A T ? |


Are you ” destroying ” the planet?

Are you self-less, selfish, or ignorant?

Are you a killer?

Or…maybe you just like eating meat?

When you were young, and Mama told you to eat the greens – how did you react? Were you the child that would scrape it onto the floor for the dog to eat thinking no one was watching? Or did you scuff it all down knowing that you were going to get the good reward of desert (or whatnot) after even if you may or may not have actually liked the greens.

Because I was definitely the scrape-it-onto-the-floor child. Well – when we didn’t have dogs, just-didn’t-eat-them type, because I would want to save as much space for the ” best ” bit as I could.

For the juicy bit.

The meat.

But you know I realised the other day that most of the seasoning, salts, and spices we use to flavour our meats. They’re all herbs. Plants. Non-meats.

But we are so fixated on the act of chewing and grinding through flesh, as part of this form of enjoyment as you eat. It’s like a ritual – almost an act within itself before you eat meat. The cutting through it, the thickness of it; and it might sound crude but that’s how I see it. It makes you feel a bit woozy when you think of it as a form of inter-species cannibalism – as some extremist vegetarians would say – when in fact it is.


But just because you enjoy this “ritual” should you be judged for it? For eating in a way that has been done since the beginning of time?

One of my closest friends, Anna Balint is a strong No To Meat-er and she expressed many of her views to me which I found very interesting! She found it difficult to comprehend how we live in the 21st century, but yet we still practice as if we are in the stone ages (Meat-eating) and stresses the strain this has on our environment: C02 emissions, running out of food (trying to feet 6 billion people in the world) as we need to food to feed the animals, which then become our food. She thinks eating meat is counter-productive to preserving our environment, and check this:

” Raising livestock for food produces 28 times more carbon emissions than all transportation in the world combined. “

Ethically, she doesn’t believe you need to slaughter something and eat it dead to enjoy your food. She believes this is staying in the past and we need to break out of paradigms  is it necessary to kill millions of animals in an gruesome way?


Bacon = babypig.

We forget the animal associations, that what we are eating were actually once living animals ( very true, when I eat I eat and enjoy – I do not necessarily see the animal or recognise it being killed ). “Like, omg I love animals” Meanwhile you’re eating a hotdog? Eating a dead baby pig. ( Oh, Anna you make me laugh ❤ )

From a nutritional point of view, meat has: protein ( check ); vitamins ( yeah..kinda, but check );

…But it is loaded with cholesterol that clogs up your arteries causing a number of diseases ( cancer, tumours, heart attacks, vascular problems, joint problems, lung problems ) and loaded with salt.


Why does it taste so good? It’s the salt. ( Personally, I really hate bacon – it is so salty. But chicken I am guilty. ) Its mass murder for salt. Destruction of the animal kingdom for salt.

| R E A D | M O R E |

Protein-Industry Takeover.

No meat = No World Hunger?

What if she told you that you can eat a number of meat replacements that taste just as good?

Anna finds the best ways around the meat, diary and gluten ( and everything else that I possibly eat! ) and she sent me a whole collection of her favourite go-to-eat places and foods that cater well to her No To Meat Diet:

If you are inspired by this or want specific details on the foods listed above, and would like to take up the #NoToMeat Challenge ( lifestyle change, more like ) then contact Anna Balint and see her beautiful Instagram. ( she is also a brilliant Interior Designer-inthemaking )

She really inspires me with her consistency, and even her idea of one day maybe starting her own plant-based milk brand, which I think is a brilliant idea!

Anna, I don’t know how you do it!

She shares the same views as the inspirational Maximiliane Hansen ( #EarthlingMaxi ) who is a successful blogger from Sydney, who is Vegan herself and is renowned for her strong views and cute pictures of fluffy cows.

Don’t Eat Me…Please

I must say it makes me feel a bit bad, being a MeatEater but it has always been the culture I grew up around. And it’s very hard to change something about yourself when you have been brought up and still dwell within a culture with main meals and celebrations that are centralised around meat.

So this isn’t my cry-out or prophesy because I will continue eating meat, because I’ve made that decision for myself. It’s just a form of broadcasting, to make you aware.


Aware of the facts behind these daily choices we make. Because maybe when more people are aware, they’ll choose to say No To Meat and view things differently.

Enjoy the meat pictures? Read my editorial topic | P A T I E N C E |

To my non-meat-eating Bestie, Georgia Meacham. Happy Birthday babyG ❤





T H I S | I S | M Y | B E A U T I F U L |

| F | M | B |


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