| F E E L I N G | F I T ? |

| G E T | A C T I V E |

_MG_9981 Eni Maj Hastings 290516 by Alexander Ivanov Photography for web

with Venus Cow Leggings


V E N U S  C O W are a legging brand founded by Shirley Yanez who is the CEO of Venus Cow.

Above, I am wearing the leggings with a Bralet from Fabletics, just before I went to shoot for them, but before that – more about the brand:

Shirley was passionate with a deep commitment to UK textiles and British manufacturing and after making her own fortune as a financial headhunter in the City of London she went onto offering free life coaching since 2005, and starting this amazing collection that all women can relate to.

| F O L L O W | T H E M |

| T W I T T E R |  | I N S T A G R A M |  | G O O G L E + |

Their leggings are super-stretchy, but somehow still firm …

what is this magic??!

…and can cater from 5ft to 6ft within one size category. Ranging from XS/S TO L/XL ( again a wide range even within the size groups as the leggings are super adaptable! ) and even their catalogue screams super comfortbale and friendly. I think this comes to how they present their leggings – not necessarily using the typical high-fashion model walking down a runway but with real, friendly and approachable women who can share their true and honest opinions about how the leggings impact them.

_MG_9909 Eni Maj Hastings 290516 by Alexander Ivanov Photography for web

It may sound cheesy – but just by having a #PerfectPair it can really boost your confidence, and even for those who are not as comfortable with their bodies but want to still be able to walk into a gym with confidence and get on with it, without having to feel self-conscious or awkward. They’re great because they are firm – and hold everything in place – so none of that ” jiggling ” or ” bouncing ” on the treadmill!

For me – they work well for the weekly cardio and dance lessons that I do – as they are not loose so don’t hinder my workout – but they are also thick enough to feel comfortable enough to work out without worrying if your underwear is on display to the whole world behind you.

Guilty of that…many many times.
Me and my PerfectBlackLeggings

And its a big deal especially for me, as you would never catch me alive wearing trainers in a picture – but wearing Venus Cow made me feel actually really comfortable in sportswear, As well as being comfortable even in casual wear also:

| S H O P | V E N U S |

Many celebrities have also enjoyed the comfort of Venus Cow including Sinitta Malone who talked about her experience with these #PerfectBlackLeggings! | W A T C H | I T | And don’t forget the goodness of using a FitBit while you are at it!

Bring. On. The. Sweat.

Feeling skeptical? Read | S I Z E | M A T T E R S | and want more? Read | F A B L E T I C S |

Model, Tiana Walton



T H I S | I S | M Y | B E A U T I F U L |

| F | M | B |

Eni Maj

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