| D A N C E ! |

| J U S T | D A N C E |

Put down that cup, and DANCE!

“Eni, how do you have so much energy without having one drop of alcohol in you?”

“Um..It’s called dancing. And because I don’t need my brain cells to be fried to be able to move my body?”

“Oh….I see.”


It’s easy. You use that thing in your head called your brain, tell it to do something – and voila – your legs are moving up and down – you are dancing.

But there seems to be this pre-conceived motion that “only black people can dance” which in my experience, is NOT the case. In fact a lot of the best dancers I have met up till this day are of a european background.


But of course us Africans are gems and we sure do know how to be the life and soul of the party.

It has always been in our culture. It is seen as a must during traditional weddings and major ceremonies. It was a community activity. An experience and activity that brought both the elderly and the young together in harmony. And we were doing all these things well before the fermentation of potatoes (alcohol) became readily available to the vast population.


| U N I Q U E | S I L V E R | D A N C E R S |

An example of young, exotic, and current dancing beauties are the Unique Silver Dancers. I love their talent and effortlessness in all of their videos and excited to see more!

One of my favourites from them:

Emails: contact@sherriesilver.com or uniquesilverdancers@yahoo.com | Twitter: @sherriesilver @unique_silver | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Unique-Silver-Dancers/1699114­6977826

| S U B S C R I B E |

So when people stand there and say “I am not drunk enough for this” I just feel so sorry for them. I feel sorry for you guys, really. Because for you to find it hard to express yourself in a form that has been so natural and impeded in us since the beginning of time is so bizarre to me. It’s sad?

We were dancing even before we learned how to speak! The first forms of major communication was through sign language and bodily gestures that read into meanings.

Even animals can dance!


Doesn’t it make you cringe that you are being upstaged by a bear? 

I mean if “whipping” and “nae-nae-ing” can get over 450 million views, and whatever it is that Drake was doing in Hotline bling, then I am sure you will be fine.

If I were you I would go to P I N E A P P L E or D A N C E W O R K S  a.s.a.p and go and get your dancing game on. Without the tequila and without the rum or whatever you use as an excuse to fuel your dance moves. This does not mean you will be performing the splits and doing triple pirouettes, its just a movement. Don’t let society bring you down. There is no right or wrong way to dance ( unless of course you are kicking people in the face, no, that’s not the way to do it ).

Live. Laugh. Love. DANCE.




T H I S | I S | M Y | B E A U T I F U L |

| F | M | B |


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