| I | A M | N A O M I | C A M P B E L L |

| I | A M | N A O M I | C A M P B E L L |


Naomi, I don’t think you are familiar with the word retire. But it’s alright you don’t need to.


Announcing the news via her Instagram ( F O L L O W | H E R ), Naomi is collaborating with Yamamay, an Italian underwear company, on a limited-edition range.

She named it “IamNaomiCampbell” (which is her Instagram handle), and I don’t know about you guys but I think it is enough said. She doesn’t need a fancy name or a huge fuss about a grand opening, because SHE is the grand opening. Her name is so evocative that Just saying it is enough – for me anyways. Like just imagine.. “Eni, what are you wearing?” Turns, “Oh – this?…this is Naomi Campbell”

Her collection consists of bras, panties, slips, camisoles, bodysuits and kimono-style robes. Colour-wise, she’s opted for a palette of black and purple. As for the affordability of the line, it seems that the retail prices range from $32 for bras to $65 for a robe.

Campbell herself is the star model in the collection’s campaign, which is shot by the one and only M A R I O | T E S T I N O . The Peruvian photographer has shot the model since the very beginning of her career – from Versace’s AW97 campaign to Burberry’s SS15 one, in which she starred alongside fellow British model Jourdan Dunn and many more to come I am sure.

 I feel like her collection reflects her feisty and at times diva-ish personna effectively, and I can’t wait to get my hands on those robes!

MotherofAll. Naomi – wow. Just, wow.

|  S H O P | N A O M I |

Keep Doing you Booboo.

I would also like to thank you beauty readers for my as of today 3k views.  I hope you are enjoying and keep reading! More amazing things to come, and of course – everything beautiful.





T H I S | I S | M Y | B E A U T I F U L |

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Eni Maj

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