| E X E R C I S E | O R | E X T R A | F R I E S ? |

| E X E R C I S E | O R | E X T R A | F R I E S ? |

“Exercise?…oh, sorry I heard extra fries…”

People make their own excuses. But your health and the decisions to make in life are solely up to you – what you chose to hear is up to you too.

We are all guilty of this sometimes…

When people see the SMOKING KILLS on the packet…and they still decide to smoke…and then 10 years down the line they say if only? Like really? But why though…It’s a choice. You chose to do that, and you knew the addiction would come with it, so addiction in itself is a choice. If you REALLY wanted to stop, you would lock yourself in a room without them and get over it. All of these nicotine patches and nick-spray-whatever is just another way for them to make profit out a habit that you were apparently “coerced” into.

It sounds HARSH – but people need to stop making excuses, or pretending that they’ve heard something else other than the truth. It’s not surprising when the hospital beds are filled with patients in which a shocking 62% of them are the cause of their own illnesses.


| T R U T H |

Liver damage due to alcohol abuse means transplants are then needed, which come up to £70,000 per surgery.

Lung cancer treatments, another repercussion of heavy smoking, of which 7,489 low risk ones were carried out last year, was thought to costs £2,281 per surgery, but for complete treatments and lung transplants in many cases this goes up to over £80,000 per surgery.

And due to people who seem to live in fast food, 2,500 gastric band by-passes and procedures are carried out by the NHS each year.

These combined cost the NHS £25 million (figures in 2014, probably higher now) and this is just in the UK!

| W A N T | M O R E | :

| F O L L O W | T H E M | :

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And many agree with me, one in 10 do not think someone who has abused alcohol and cigarettes should get a liver transplant on NHS.

Think about it in terms of maths. 1 + 1 = 2? Yes? So take 1 as the decisions that you make on a daily basis and 2 as the results of those decisions. Your health and lifestyle correlates in the same way. If you spend all your time drinking or cramming processed food down then the sum of your actions will justify that.

Earlier when I wrote | S I Z E | M A T T E R S ? | I was definitely in a self-motivational mindset, and of course people need to embrace their differences in size and form. But there is always a limit. And once you cross the line, to me there is no such thing as acceptance. Once that line is crossed, its called IGNORANCE.


So the whole ‘accept people for who they are’ is another act of ignorance. In other words its them saying “I can’t be bothered to change or listen, so I will continue to stay overweight.” Instead they write books about how they have “accepted themselves” when truly and really, they are dying. Slowly. I mean – if someone with a tumour decided to do nothing about it because they had “accepted themselves” would you put on a smile and say ‘Good on you!’…No, I don’t think so.

And it really kills me inside – because millions of our taxed earnings go to helping these people who did this to themselves. If a serial killer went around shooting people, and he got injured because someone shot back at him – would you help him?

And the same with those who say “I only do it once in a while”. In life, there is no exemption to ‘once and a while’ – and the same in theory – you cannot say 1 + 1 + 1 = 2 because I added the last three months later, so it doesn’t count?

If you drink today, again next week, and again next year it will still have the same consequences, fortunately that might be a way to avoid addiction – the only difference is that it will probably take longer to make an effect.

Sorry about the maths lessons and constant metaphors, but I feel like I have to be that dramatic to make people understand what I am saying logically – and from a different perspective.

No One is a Saint. But Life is so unpredictable that when you actually have the chance to control certain aspects of your life – then why don’t you?
So stop pretending as if you heard “EXTRA FRIES” instead of “EXERCISE” and save us some money would you? Don’t end up in that hospital bed.


What Do You Think?




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Eni Maj

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