| W A N T | T O | L O O K | D A P P E R ? |

| H E L E N | A N T H O N Y | M E N S W E A R |

Helen Anthony
Photographer: Christian Hough // Models: AMCk Agency // Make up Artist: Simone Abeya & Donna Oliveiro // Hair Stylist: Lisa Candy & Hayley Edwards // Stylist: Bespokeway21

On Thursday 12th of November I was invited to the Helen Anthony Fashion Showcase at the W Hotel ( one of the many times that I have visited this beautiful venue – but all in all if you want to see something truly extravagant, then checkout the W Hotel in Barcelona ❤ ) in which the designer, Anthony, displayed his new designs, which will be featured during Milan Fashion Week next year.

| I N T E R I O R S |

It was great to socialise with up and coming designers who also attended the display for inspirational and informational purposes. As well as fashion influencers such as the lovely Vanessa L.H who were great fun to socialise and connect with.

Anthony himself was quite reserved, and I remember everyone saying “I love that guy’s beard” not realising that he was the designer that we were all there to see. He left most of the introductions to his P.A. Josh Milton who made a lovely opening speech. There were a range of male models from AMCK and Body London as well as a complimentary table for Jimmy Choo and his entourage.

His designs are inspired by his family, ( as he used to design for his brothers, and “Helen” is the name of his grandmother ) and if they weren’t being worn by the male models they were hung in racks around the room for public display. I loved this as it actually allowed you to feel the texture of the fabric and see the quality in real life, rather than just a handout that wouldn’t give tis 4D experience.

Behind The “Seams” |

The collection that was being promoted that nice was called Behind The Seams as you can see below, and I find it very clean and well cut. Definitely something to consider looking into if you want to look dapper!

It has only just been established ( December 2013) but there are a few items available on retail!

| S H O P | I T |


See you In Milano!

Anthony, Aramatu and I <3
Anthony, Aramatu and I ❤


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