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Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah

You were so close but now you’re far away!

I sent my prayers to Paris and all those who suffered a loss. But before I go into specifics, I kept getting asked why I had not put the French flag filter on my profile picture….I’m sorry but people are dying all over the world every daynot just in the west – by the way ) and until Facebook decides to make a filter for each and EVERY COUNTRY and every time some delusional extremist decides to kill a load of people all in the name of God ( which to be honest, I can not fathom the idea of a God that would be pleased with the murder of His own creation ) – and which tends to happen all over the place – ( including Nigeria, a few days before Paris, and many months before that too ), then my profile shall remain “filterless”. It’s all part of a chivalrous act – respect for one and another. And being oblivious to many world crisis it a lack of chivalry in my opinion, so Facebook…bad on you.

“Why Doesn’t the World Care?”

God Help Us.

R A N T  O V E R ! Now…

Why You Always Lyinnn?
Why You Always Lyinnn?

That moment when you’re on the tube and this young teenage boy decides to sit down when there is an elderly woman obviously struggling to get on. What happened to chivalry? Forget the age thing, the time when men would escort women, open doors, say excuse me – not just barge past you as you try to get off the tube.

I had a friend who was going on about how she was always really pleased when she was at work and her male colleagues would hold doors for her and always let her go in front of her when they were waiting for food. But it shouldn’t be something to be astonished by because it this was a social-norm – then people wouldn’t make a big deal about it.

And all of this “ho*s ain’t loyal” and constant pointing out of how women are “worse” than men ( whatever worse means ) I feel is due to the failure of the ‘gentleman‘ in the first place. So don’t be crying when this happens:

This is not to say women should always come first ( or maybe I am lol )- but we should do  the same. Chivalry applies to men and women also. We should also be polite, hold doors, and be courteous as well, and these little things go a far way – but in terms of traditional means – I feel like it is disappearing.

It doesn’t matter man, woman, young, elderly, stranger, friend – people should just show some form of respect to each other. Because it’s the least that we could do int he midst of all the global issues that seem to be going on.

And I think down to each and every individual action, a lot of larger and heavier problems in our world would be solved.

I know this might seem overdramatic, but you know that kid that you heard on the news who decided to go on a killing spree, wasting everyone in his plain sight ( yes , America – You. )? Well maybe if a few people held some doors open for him or said excuse me while they rushed past – maybe, just maybe he wouldn’t have hated everyone so bad.

Just think about that.

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Chivalry, Please don’t go



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