| B L K + B L U | O N L I N E | Pt. 2 |

Part 2

| R E A D | P A R T | 1 |

Grunge + Chic
Grunge + Chic

Incase you had not read my previous post about B L K n B L U, the online retail store was set up by Madeline Perard, offering a worldwide availability so women and girls in both small towns and cities are able to share their own unique sense of style without having to go to the same shopping destinations.

Above I am wearing the Mister Wool Coat in a gray colour and XS size.

| G E T | I T |

It might not look like the thickest of them all but its 50% Wool, 50% Polyester fabric definitely keeps those shivers away!

I love the way if feels on my skin, as I decided not to wear anything long-sleeved with it – it has this wooly texture that kind of gives me that “baby” feeling. I would definitely recommend it for this coming chilly season, as well as a nice scarf from their range to compliment it.

Thank you Madeline!

“Don’t forget!! You can use ENI15 at checkout to get 15% off any of their amazing pieces!”

| S H O P | N O W |

| F O L L O W | T H E M |

I N S T A G R A M |    | T WI T T E R |    | T U M B L R |

Perfect to wear to an event as it although the material is warm and thick – when wrapped away it doesn’t take too much space in my bag.


I wore it to | R A F F L E S | R U M B L E |

A charity boxing event where members of London society get into the boxing ring to battle, raising money and awareness for the Big Change (which I mentioned above). It took place at The Old Post Office, with press management by JPRPR that packs a Punch” – in this case, literally.

I went with cutie Paula and beauty Jessica Patterson.

It was amazing to see real-live boxing (even though they weren’t professionals – as Jamie Laing from Made In Chelsea made clear!) for the first time – and even some hints of blood.

Now I understand why they say Blood Sweat and Tears….literally. And the entrances of each competitor was so over-the-top but I loved the humour of it all.

There were a series of competitors matched by similarities in weight and height. This year’s boxing participants included Fraser Carruthers vs. Gabriel Devere, Loren Oakley vs. Danny Osborne, Hamish Ross vs. Jamie Laing, Sezer Yurtseven vs. Charlie Schofield, Patrice Philipp vs. John Fleming, and Fede Bentley vs. George Lineker. To me, the most capturing matches were:






And last but not least HAMISH ROSS vs. JAMIE LAING

Unfortunately Jaime lost (lol) but he tried really well and came onto the ring with such enthusiasm and energy (which makes up for his height).

Jamie and I
Jamie and I

He always tends to be around raffles – when I met him for the first time in a private party, but I don’t know how he managed to look anywhere near my height in that picture.

…aha I actually hope he doesn’t read this.
Jamie In The Ring
Jamie In The Ring

He closed the event with a lovely ‘well done’ speech.

I can imagine it looks a lot harder than it actually is, and to be honest I doubt that I would be able to do anything close to what they did. But good or bad, it was all for a great cause. For the | B I G | C H A N G E |  campaign which is a Charitable Trust launched in 2010, that believes all young people in the UK should have the opportunity to thrive.

| R E A D | M O R E |

Big Change.
Big Change.

They had amazing DJ’s and the venue was spacious but light in atmosphere and it was great fun! There was also an outdoor space where they served unique burgers and chips; as well as a fun punching-bag game of some sort ( sorry my knowledge in this field is limited! ) which all the men were showing off about who could hit it the hardest *rolls eyes* but none could beat the security guard’s top score.








T H I S | I S | M Y | B E A U T I F U L |

| F | M | B |


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