| W E L E D A |

| W E L E D A | M O D E L | Z O N E |

After reading about | S E N S E | S P A | comes the Weleda Model Zone Spa!


I recently stumbled upon a hilarious picture of me laying back on a massage chair feeling absolutely relaxed and immersed in slumber (see below – lol I know, don’t laugh) during the hectic London Fashion Week (SS/15); which – trust me – was much needed after coming straight out of University deadlines and into the strain of fashion week castings and shows.

The Sleep That Was Done on this Bed was REAL!
The Sleep That Was Done on this Bed was REAL!

The reason I found it so funny is because, unlike my usual “Sorry – do you mind taking a picture of me? But making it look as natural as possible?” mode – I actually didn’t know I was being photographed and had actually fallen asleep on the bed and almost missed my afternoon runway show!

Main ( A . M . A – with a few exceptions ) London Model Agency girls had received invitations to the venue (which – in total honesty was so much better than the ‘Model Zone’ that they were holding at the W Hotel during the same time period) which was situated within a 5 minute walk from Green park (Mayfair Hotel) and operated by the British Fashion Council.


Wearing My OwnBrowns

But I had actually seen a post prior to the agency invitations on Facebook where they introduced and reeled models in ( guilty! ) with their wonderful display of multi-coloured goodie bags and complimentary Weleda Beauty Products, Which I am still using up till this day – 3 months after fashion week!

And we cannot forget ofcoures the wonderful Weleda Skin Food!


| F O L L O W | T H E M |

They are open only just for a few days, twice a year – during the duration of the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter London Fashion Weeks – and possibly a few weeks prior (during hectic last-minute casting periods). And I think this is a wonderful idea! To be able to have a place where all models can come to and relax, enjoy complimentary massages, facials, healthy foods and snacks, amazing varieties of teas, magazines and not to forget the amazing COCONUT WATER!!!

And made a new friend on the way! ( lol – Natalia )


Spell Magazine stressed how important and useful for the staff at the Weleda Model Zone ( Amanda Bucher, Dija Ayodele and Natalie Lewis – who were indeed very friendly, helpful and amazing to talk to ! ) to impart a bit a calm into our ( us models ) lives and help to keep our skin looking and feeling good – using the Weleda facial range of course !

|  R E A D | M O R E |

It is becoming a reoccurring theme as I also stayed in many Model Zones during my fashion week times in Paris and Milan, which I will probably write about when I am down again next time! It’s not the easiest job emotionally and/or physically – but hey, we can’t complain.


Savse Smoothies ❤

Armanzi Teas are the best ❤ 

” Can I have another one of your Lychee Mar-Tea-Ni Cocktails! “

But even after the Fashion Week is over you should still try to maintain an all #AsCloseToNatural and nutritional lifestyle that will complement all of your wonderful Weleda productslol ) – one way I did this was just to keep a consistency in one of my daily meals – which was breakfast. Oatmeal with a side of fruit and Vivid Drinks to keep me on the go. You can’t go wrong with a high-in-fibre and low-calorie breakfast!


“We get to go to all these nice venues and enjoy these complimentary things just because of how our genomes came together.”

God Bless Mother Genetics.

| S H O P | W E L E D A |

Until next season! Are you Fashion Week Ready?



#Thank YouOxygen

T H I S | I S | M Y | B E A U T I F U L |

| F | M | B |


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