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Sick of weight gain? W A I S T – T R A I N !

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CokeBottleCartel are UK’s No.1 Supplier in Colombian & Brazilian Waist Training Shapewear, as well as many other natural and cosmetic-free body enhancers and beauty products.  I was so happy when I received my…..in a size…..as well as a complimentary body scrub called | C O C O | B L A C K | which I posted about a few days back!

| S H O P | T H E M |

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Their Wolverhampton warehouse is not open to the public. However you can get FITTED right and tight first time by a CBCUK Distributor in your local area. | F I N D | Y O U R | L O C A T I O N |


As well as eating well and a healthy lifestyle, I discovered that waist-training was a small but essential detail as part of my exercise regime. Before I discovered this, I did a lot of research because there is a lot of talk about how they destroy your body and can change the shape of your organs and blah blah blah. One of my favourite blogger’s wrote about her opinion on waist-training:

Is that just a shortcut for people who don’t want to put in the the work of diet and exercise?
No amount of Pilates or yoga will create the drama that a corset can create in just a few minutes. Don’t get me wrong! I highly recommend healthy diet and exercise, as well as corset wearing, for a slender waistline. In addition, I find that there’s a psychological benefit from corset wearing that is a little unexpected and certainly underrated. One’s posture is improved, and this doesn’t only mean that you stand and sit up straighter: upright posture is the shape of confidence. If you’re standing up straight, you genuinely feel more confident, and appear that way as well. It’s kind of a positive feedback loop. Also, if you happen to have scoliosis or a weak back, a well-made, comfortable corset will feel fantastic!

And after hours of you tubing and reading I realised that it was perfectly fine – and the fate of your health and well-being all comes down to how YOU as a person respect your body and use it. If you wear it all day everyday for 10 years and struggle to breathe then of course you are going to end up with serious health implications. But for a few hours a day after exercise isn’t going to harm anything, yet alone anyone.

Examples of a fulfilling, yet well balanced and healthy meal includes the meal that my BabyL ❤ made for me below:

I eat a lot of fish and slow-burining carbohydrates in the morning such as wholegrain oats, or porridge (ahhhh porridge) and a lot of fruit! This is KEY with exercise, and then add your waist trainer from CokeBottleCartel and you are set and ready to go!

I have been training for just over 3 WEEKS now and I have already lost an inch off my waistline, and this is a lot more than I expected as to be honest my exercising routine has been a bit distorted due to multiple Uni Deadlines, so with more vigorous exercise a lot more is achievable!

| B E F O R E | A N D | A F T E R |

This is just the start though. As far as goals go, I just have another inch and a half to go. I am not going for a dramatic change. But for others who are, it is advised to change it every month when it starts feeling looser than usual, or too comfortable that you forget you have it on. (Yes – it is meant to be uncomfortable! But not painful)


What’s the difference between the NATURAL way and the ENHANCED way? Personally, I believe that exercising and dieting to get a smaller waist is the same as using the waist trainer, because the goals are the sam, and the results will be the same – the only difference is that one is more artificial and faster than the other.

Plastic surgery and natural remedies all achieve the same result, one is just faster than the other. At the end of the day the goal is the same: to maintain a youthful or enhanced look. Whatever ‘enhanced’ means to you. This is not to say that I am for injecting chemicals into my face, but I feel like people need to stop attacking one another about what they view as right and wrong. IT IS NOT DECEPTION. It is a form of enhancement, the same reason why some might wear bras, or make-up or hair extensions.


No Waist Train, No Gain.

Keep Eating Well. Keep Living Well. Keep Being Well.

More Before’s and After’s to come!!





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