| D I A M O N D S |

| T I M E | I S | E V E R Y T H I N G |

A while back in Paris…

Diamond, Love you O ❤


It’s my Diamond’s Birthday today!! And I usually keep my posts very anti-personal but outside of family, she’s it and I wanted to share that! It’s really important to keep genuine and sincere people around you through thick and thin.

I have become very picky with who I spend my time with and I think that’s the greatest lesson to learn. Because TIME IS EVERYTHING. Time can’t be brought back – every second that passes is lost, and that’s why there’s no use spending your precious time with people who are these things:

  • don’t add value to your life
  • you notice that every time you are with them you end up feeling more stressed out than before you even saw them
  • are jealous, conniving, unnecessarily bitter, undermining
  • pigs. (lol if you know, you know)

And ever since I have CUT these people out of my life I have excelled so much more than I have ever even imagined possible, because every ounce of time is important to me – so I spend it either growing myself, or growing with the people who are actually genuine around me, my FAMILY and my DIAMONDS.

I mean, I struggle enough as it is to even keep up with my close friends and family, so If I am constantly saying “I’m busy” “Have no time” “We’ll see another time” or simply Nothing at all, then you probably know where you stand with me on this. And I’ve promised myself to be very straightforward and sincere when it comes to this topic because there comes a point where you have to stop giving your time away, only to the diamonds.

So to the Diamonds, You know who you are#DayForever

To sum up Paris, aside from the modelling, FOOD FOOD FOOD!

And after food, it’s play


PullMain Paris
PullMain Paris
love and affection; be stingy with your time..only for the diamonds; just want to be in your possession; why window shop when you own this?




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Eni Maj

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