| D O N’ T | S E T T L E |

| GO | G E T T E R |

Be a ‘go-getter’.

Go Get It
Go Get It


” Great Things Come To Those Who G E T   U P and never  G I V E  U P “

I’ve realised that there is no use in sitting down and “hoping” for something miraculous to happen. The only person that can make that change is YOU. Yes, there is prayer and there is wishing but along with that comes hard work and consistency.

People see things happening in your life and make assumptions, but they aren’t there watching you do those all-nighters, those sleepless nights, those days when you’re so busy and tired that you forget to eat. They see the tip of the iceberg. They don’t see you going and giving your everything. And maybe that’s what leads people into thinking that things can be achieved very easily – because if s/he can do it, anyone can right? Of course – but what was it that she did that made her get to where s/he is today?

I am very lucky to have influential people around me who can give me advice about how they got to where they are today and even if they don’t tell me detail upon detail, it has been VERY clear to be that they were go-getters.

“They got up of their seat, out of their comfort-zone, set that alarm 2 hours earlier than they needed to and went out there into the ‘real world’.”

And I am not here to discriminate against those who are more to themselves, or who don’t mind sitting back now and then. We all have different goals at the end of the day.

Buttt….then again…I wouldn’t!

I know what I want.

And I’ll Get it.

Repost cred: Aaron Indigo
Repost cred: Aaron Indigo

Something my mama has always told me. And Mama is Always Right!


If you want it.





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| F | M | B |

Eni Maj

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