| P A T I E N C E |

| P A T I E N C E |

| B E A D E D | R E G A L I A | SS/15 |

When he says 'Take a Break' but they are secretly still recording (lol)
When he says ‘Take a Break” but they are secretly still recording (lol)

Obviously something we LACKED on the set (see above) of the Beaded Regalia SS15 Wild Animals Campaign Shoot.

Designed by the beautiful | B A R B A R A | B I O S A H |

Directed by | Joseph Stephen |

Photographed by | Isaac Dann |

MUAs : | Ali K | Bev K |

Models: | Munroe | Inta | China |

| S E E | T H E | F U L L | E D I T O R I A L |

| S E E | I T | O N | T H E | R U N W A Y |

The couture pieces are beautifully made, so much that I didn’t even want to touch them while Barbara was trying to get them on me. They are certainly amazing to wear, and they have this realistic weight to them that makes it feel more surreal when you are in her pieces. Everyone was friendly and Joseph is amazing to work with!

Dinner Time?
Dinner Time?

It was a really eventful day! But as most editorials entail, there is always a lot of waiting around and that is definitely one skill that I have taken out so far out of everything: Patience. There is a long-term and short-term to this. Short term patience, as on the day of the editorial – which isn’t as important as per, but is actually a skill in itself. Its easier to be patient about the Future because time is constant, but to be patient in the moment is like watching a clock tick by.

But patience, the one that you hold onto for the future, is also key. And i think there is a skill to the wait. Because that is where many people seem to fail at.

Have you ever looked back on your life or a memory and thought what if? What if I just continued with those violin lessons, or what if I just stayed up that extra night to get that extra mark in my paper. Well – it might seem trivial but I believe that things like this make an impact. And in that moment you have to be patient and just keep going.

Your silver-lining is just around the corner.




T H I S | I S | M Y | B E A U T I F U L |

| F | M | B |

Eni Maj

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