| G I R L | M E E T S | F I O R E |

Work, Work, Work, Play (with Fiore), Work, Work…

| G I R L | M E E T S | F I O R E |

And it all goes uphill from there.

Luxury Tights.


Fiore produces the finest in European hosiery and nylons with the most creative and fashionable styles available.  With a regularly evolving product line of fashion-forward products, Fiore will always keep you at the center of attention.  With a wide range of product lines, you’re sure to meet all your hosiery needs with them.

I was so excited to receive my Fiore Tights and they exceeded my expectations. They are silky smooth to the touch and so easy to put on (none of that rolling and clenching from the toes-upwards which ends up leading to 20 minutes of trying to put on a pair of tights). The size guide is extremely useful and actually accurate and they were a perfect size. I like my tights to be slightly bigger than my frame so that I have a bit of over-lap on my waist area, and this ensures that there will be no ‘hanging thigh-gap tights syndrome‘.


Best time/season to shop? Definitely winter/autumn. Best time to be kept warm by these tights (which are made with anti-tear material to keep the warmth locked in) and to show off their beautiful designs as well as to compliment whatever you are wearing over them!


When she tells me they’re “out of stock“:


Left: APRIEL Tigts (size 4);  | S H O P | I T |                                  Right: KATIA Tigts (size 4); | S H O P | I T |


| S H O P | F I O R E |

 Want more? Read | F I O R E | F E S T I V I T Y

Special Thanks to Fiore for keeping me warm this winter.



T H I S | I S | M Y | B E A U T I F U L |

| F | M | B |

Eni Maj

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