| F A S T | A N D | F L A W L E S S |


| F A S T | A N D | F L A W L E S S |

*This is the final sequel to Fast And Furious when they run out of cast and I magically become an actress*

Why Though?
Why Though?


| H O W | T O | L O O K | G O O D | F A S T |

Love you Leni <3
Love you Leni ❤


For those who know me well, i think I have earned the role of LASTMINUTE.COM not because I want to, but because I am always juggling a lot of things on my plate, but sometimes you don’t want to look like you are #ForeverBusy so I have had to learn the hard way How To Look Good Fast.

By Good…I do not mean you need this particular look to look great.

This is not what I would wear every day to Uni or down the road.

This is when you’re appointment overran and you have 10 minutes to make your Bestie’s dinner but you don’t want to regret the pictures for the rest of your life, so you still want to look decent.


How to Look Good Fast?


This is isn’t a miracle way to avoid spending money on quality products. If you want the flawless finish then you have to buy the quality stuff. 

But it’s about using the quality stuff sparingly, and under a limited amount of time!

I am not a Makeup Artist, so this isn’t me telling you what the best things are to get. To be honest, I always keep my makeup minimalistic and simple, (half of the time I don’t even wear any because of casting requirements) and there are many products that I love using that I had not used in this video just to save time.

So if you want to be enlightened on products (for darker skin) then I would recommend one of my favourite Youtubers, Destiny Godley.



Okay, so here we go!

  • Essential pre-Step:

Make sure all your products are laid out clearly on a counter or in a cup as usual.

I usually keep all my brushes in a bowl, which saves so much time having to rummage around inside my makeup bag trying to pick the right brush out.

And then the essentials laid out on a counter.

I also try to do my nails the night before so that the messy parts can come off in the shower and also saves you from smudging it all over your face.


  • Step 1:

Make sure skin is deeply moisturised so foundation glides on. You don’t want to spend time for unnecessary blending. Exfoliating with CocoBlack (10% off with ENIMAJ1) also helps speed this process ( more about them coming soon! )


That lighting though
That lighting though

And make sure you go to a place in your house that you can recognise it as good lighting, ‘cuts trust me theres nothing worse than being in a rush, and doing it under a white light, and then stepping outside and to discover that everything went wrong.





  • Step 2:

Eyebrow fleeky-ness does not need half an hour to achieve (as most tutorials these days seem to take) .

By just using a smooth sponge or rough brush to smoothen them down they will naturally go in the direction of their growth. Plus it helps if they have been done!


  • Step 3:

Eyes  before concealer!
There is no point getting your face done and then all the powder from your eyes fall on your cheeks and ruin it all over again!


  • Step 4:

Liner and Brows *and time for Fetty Wap* “I want you to be mineeee againnnn baby!”


  • Step 5:

Get the Ardell Lashes Deluxe Pack which come with an eyelash applicator that makes life so much easier! I used to struggle with lashes and now it literally only takes 15 seconds!


  • Step 6 :

Have a separate brush for each action, to avoid having to clean your brushes between every use. But also keep it limited, I only use one blending brush, one blusher brush and one contour brush!

Now…Powder, Spray, Go!


MAC fixing spray
MAC fixing spray


Hope You enjoyed it!


| M A I N | P R O D U C T S |

Foundation: Bobbi Brown ( G E T | I T );

Eyes: Ardell Lashes and Lancome Smokey Eye Set ( G E T | I T );

Eyebrows: MAC Spiked, and brow blender ( G E T | I T );

Contour: Body Shop Natural Minerals ( G E T | I T );

Lips: MAC Lip Liner and Lipstick ( G E T | I T )








Love you babe <3
Love you babe ❤

T H I S | I S | M Y | B E A U T I F U L |

| F | M | B |


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