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“Rap is dead these days.”

He's Dead. Does that mean that ITS dead?
He’s Dead. Does that mean that ITS dead?

No, that’s not necessarily true. Yes – I believed the rap and hip hop industry has changed. But so has everything else, which doesn’t make it trash it just makes it different. I feel like back when it first originated through the ghettos of the American Streets and its African-American heritage, those rappers had to put more aggression and thought into what they were rapping about, because they were living in a racially-oppressed era, so they had to get a point across. Now its just about hitting the top views or charts the fastest, by making a “sick” beat and then repeating rubbish over it.

Usually the combination of a lot of swear words, money and naked women would get them to the top of the charts. Yet alone lyrics that you don’t even understand half of but it sounds great that you sing a lot to it anyways. Like that Lifestyle Song. MY GOSH. Young Thug WHYYYY . If there was no such thing as lyric cracker I think there would have been no hope for that song. But it still sounds so good!!!



Favourite rappers currently:

But yeah, this whole Hip Hop feud got accentuated when I started watching Empire. It’s so ratchet but so good at the same time. And it’s hilarious. If you are not already hooked trust me you will be, and it’s so funny. You don’t have to be of an African American decent to get the humour. You just love all the characters as they come.


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See! That wasn’t so bad. Now Watch It.

#DripDrop, DripDrippityDrop

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