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We know its all good and dandy until those wrinkles start to creep in, and the folds come in, and when they ask “How old are you?” and they hear the “Twenty….” and the anticipation to what number comes next means the job is yours or not.

But why does it have to be like that, if you take care of yourself properly and eat healthily there’s nothing stopping you from reaching out to the desired target market.


I stumbled upon the latest M&S Ecom spread on the DailyMail in the tube, that some man had skipped past (*rolls eyes* Men. ) and I couldn’t help but stare because this was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. And she is not a tight-skinned, 18 year old girl, she is a mature woman with white hair, but it was just so capturing. And it made me wonder Why. Why aren’t there more Timeless Beauties, because a huge percentage of fashion doesn’t just scream at the adolescents or the young adults, its those who have had a long fulfilled life of hard work and can actually afford half of the things out of there…so most of them would be of a mature age!


She looked nothing like me but she MADE me want to shop the Cashmere of M&S and I did. And that is when marketing succeeds. It’s not about a wrinkle-free face, but one that is capturing and that fits in with the theme of the item being sold! I guess thats why they call them “real” models.


Anyways, rant over.

I also appreciate M&S for always using a range of models in their campaigns. Not just in race, because for some reason race is alway the hot topic. But in age and gender, which are categories that are equally as important but don’t seem to come to light as much as race does. Watch it:

| S H O P | C A S H M E R E |

Age is Just a Number. Change the Boundaries.

Something I Loved from Last Season too: http://www.marksandspencer.com/s/britains-leading-ladies/roma-agrawal


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