| N O | B O Y S | A L L O W E D |

|  F E M A L E – D O M I N A T E D | I N D U S T R Y ? |

All my life, I’ve been waiting for someone like you.
“All my life, I’ve been waiting for someone like you.”

When the majority people think of  the modelling, beauty and fashion industry the first thing that comes up in their heads are girls. Women. Females. However you put it. Majority of the front covers are dominated by female models of female fashion influencers and celebrities ( e.g. You are more likely to see Beyonce on the cover of Vogue than Jay-Z *cough…its the nose the nose!!* ) which is understandable because the target audience are majorly women wanting to shop or their slave husbands wanting to buy something for them and cannot relate when its on a male’s body instead.

But how about the fashion-conscious men who would like to walk down a street and feel appreciated *sobs* or go shopping with their girlfriend/mother/sister and actually have a section to wander in or a billboard to look that that isn’t filled with a makeup-filled face.

I feel like in some areas it is equalling out, e.g High Street Stores which have Men branches like Primark, TopMan, Zara Man etc.


In terms of fashion, maybe they are lacking, but behind the scenes in the modelling world; I feel they are winning. From what I have seen, the competition between female models is way more intense than that between male models, because there are simply less male models than there are females. And yes, you can argue that there is more of a market for females, well – not really, because they tend to use the same few face(s) for the same campaign for a few months (which is great, but not really practical in terms of variety).

Then again, that could mean that men can excel easier individually, because there is less of them, and they can be seen in a more unique setting individually rather than being classed into sub-categories as most female models are (blondes, brunettes, black, editorial, commercial etc).


What Do You Think?




Girl: Oh, You’re leaving? Please – let me help you. *opens door* Wanna walk out of my life? Here’s the Door.

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Eni Maj

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