| R E J E C T I O N |

| O X Y G E N | 

“Bennn….can I come in to get more cards!”

My Card

It’s my one year anniversary with my agency Oxygen Model Management which means a whole year of modelling and it feels quite surreal. It was strange because it was right before I moved into my new place I said to myself that it ‘would be rather convenient to be with them’ as they are just a few minutes away. And it happened.


To be honest a lot of things that I have prophesied into my life have been happening and I feel that (a bit off topic here) it is always good to speak good things into your life even if you feel that they are ‘unrealistic’ because if you believe, it will be realised.

Anyways, it has been a great experience!
We have the best bookers

And all the models and clients that I have met on the way have been one of the best parts. It’s weird because before I started modelling I thought it would be hard to get to know everyone, as people seem to think that everyone is very stuck-up and superficial. But it is actually the opposite.

What I love about my agency is that it is like a family. We have formed an ‘out of office’ bond and it is more thank just work and income.  On a business point of view we work very well with each other and everything is very professional, but the friendship gets us through, and the drama (lol). Not even within Oxygen but the girls in other agencies too, Including Nevs, Bookings, Body, Wilhelmina, Storm, Premier etc.

As well as the lovely products that we receive:

Getting us through LFW SS/16
Getting us through LFW SS/16

| V I V I D | D R I N K S |

Natural Vitality

Matcha Green Tea is..

simply pure, high-grade 
green tea leaves that have been 
picked and ground into a fine powder.

This powder is blended straight into 
the drinks to give the all nutritional 
benefits in a highly concentrated form.

| R E A D | M O R E |

Thank you for keeping us alive and hydrated during LFW and they are light on the stomach and sugar free.

The best thing is that even though they come in a variety of flavours, they still all have this recognisable green tea taste to them that never allows them to deter from their true nature.

I would definitely recommend and I am keeping my stock up to get me through university too!

| B U Y | I T |

And Fashion Week Ready? Who is ever ready? Even if I had 1000 cards on me, my updated portfolio, my heels and my feet out my door at 12 in the morning on the 18th of September I STILL wouldn’t be ready. You know, for those last-minute “can you get to this casting(which is like half way across the city) in the next 15 minutes?” while you are in the shower or half way through a manicure. And you do the “yes of course” so that your agent (love you) doesn’t have a reason to flip. But we all love it really. It’s fun. And you lose a lot of weight.

A few days before this years SS/16 season we had this one day of castings where I had to see 16 clients in one day. Luckily most of them were at the same venue. But somehow I managed to ‘teleport‘ between north, east, south and west London in 4 hours to make all of them. Mind you, I met a model on the way and she said she had 23, so I had it pretty good.

But everyone is aware of this. I think the one thing that I needed to be ready for is the rejection. I mean I’m used to going to 20 castings and only getting a few, but during fashion week there is just too much going on for the clients to be PC. I mean, I get it. But it doesn’t have to go to the extent of them listing out what they see as ‘defects‘. I’ve had it all:

“Too commercial.” 

“Too editorial.” 

“Too fat.” (for Paris) lol 

“Not tall enough.” 

“Sorry we’re not casting your colour this season.” That made me laugh, because they specifically requested dark skin models.

“Not enough hair.” 

“Too much hair.

Or they just don’t look at you or say “thanks for coming” as soon as you have stepped into the room. ( Here’s to Vivienne Westwood who rejected me before I even entered the queue for the casting )

Anyways, it makes you think about what they actually want, and what can you do to actually feel ready for every casting? Well my answer is nothing. You will be perfect for a client and there’s no need to fret. Most of the comments go over my head, the most important thing I’ve learned is to keep moving forwards!

Below are examples of what I would usually wear to a casting, including the heels which I would change in place of the high-knee boot heels.

Another thing that I have also learned from Oxygen is that doing your research before a casting is vital. Here’s an example, I had a casting for DIVA magazine, having no Idea what the  magazine was actually about or what it would entail. I rushed all the way to north London straight after one of my lectures at university. And as soon as I walked in one of the editors asked me, “Would you be comfortable making out with a girl in public?” *rolls eyes*

So yeah…before the casting, DO YOUR RESEARCH! Not just for castings, for every life situation in fact. Interviews, placements or whatever uncertain occasion you will have ahead of you it is always best to be prepared. I will continue to try to subdue my African Timing for this lesson, but until then.

Let’s continue to enjoy the journey.


Squad Goals.

A preview of more things to come…

Thank you, Nico Didonna ❤

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T H I S | I S | M Y | B E A U T I F U L |

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Eni Maj

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