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| P E R F E C T I L : M Y    N A I L – G R O W T H    J O U R N E Y |

“One tablet a day keeps those nail-chips away!”

Take it Easy.
Take it Easy.

I was always known as a nail biter. The hardest part wasn’t to stop biting as many people would think, but it was actually the growing. Because once your nails are up to a certain length that looks somewhat human again you actually wouldn’t want to bite them because of the pain that it took you to get them to where they are now.

And many may think, whats the big deal? But its a big part of the industry to have presentable hands.

But I would like to share about Perfectil HSN (Hair, Skin and Nails pack), which was the all-natural and non-harmful (Vitabiotics – of course) supplement that helped me to get over that first ‘growth hurdle’ and I haven’t looked back since then. I have been using them everyday (with only the occasional forgetfulness) for the last 2 years and my nails grow approximately 0.5 cm a week.
And apart from the rapid growth, they are strong and healthy and hardly chip.

I also go to the salon twice a month to get them coated with clear shellac paint (or nude colour tones usually so that it doesn’t interfere with job requirements) which has also kept to protect and maintain the lengths. I usually don’t make them grow extremely long, to the point where people always doubt that they are my real natural nails.

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My natural hair is thicker and fuller, and my skin is more plump than it ever has been. But I cannot be as accurate with my hair and skin as I am with my nails as I have also been using Argan and Cocunut Oil for my hair as well as drinking a lot more water for my skin within the same timeframe, which may have been the reasons for my hair and skin improvements.


But yeah, moral of the story is, get the Perfectil HSN pack from your local drug store. Although have packs that focus on each HSN category separately (i.e. a separate pack for hair, another for skin, and another for nails) I would still recommend the combo-HSN pack as I have tried all 3 separately and to be honest it was just as effective as the multipack.

So it would be more economically beneficial to just get the HSN combinations (I recommend Boots at the moment as they are doing 3 for 2 offers and you can get 90 tablets for the price of 60) and watch the magic work!

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You wish these were yours.
You wish these were yours.\

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Eni Maj

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